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Terms & conditions of sale
1- Acceptance and application of the conditions
The customer acknowledges, when placing his or her order, having read the terms and conditions of sale stated hereafter, and declares accepting them without reserve.
The present terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between the Monde Bio SARL company and it's customer, both parties accepting them without reserve.
These general sales conditions shall prevail on any other condition appearing in any other document, unless otherwise previously specified in writing.
The seller is defined hereafter as the Monde Bio SARL company – /, whose corporate headquarters are located Rue de la Grange Quillet, 37700 Saint Pierre des Corps, France; company registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Tours, under the SIREN number 483 845 202; and the buyer is defined as the company or person signing and accepting the present sales conditions.
The buyer acknowledges being legally able to bind himself/herself by a contract, for instance he or she must be of legal age and not be under guardianship.
The buyer acknowledges having read the present terms and conditions of sale before placing his/her order.
2 - Prices
The Monde Bio SARL company reserves the right to modify it's prices anytime, however the items will be charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of order taking (subject to availability).
The items remain the property of Monde Bio company until complete payment of the price.
The prices of our products on are given in Pounds sterling.
The prices given on the product fact sheets are all taxes included, including TVA for France and European countries, but they do not include shipping fees.
When ordering online, the price given in the order confirmation includes the items' total price and the shipping fees.
3 - Order
Online :
The automatic order taking systems conveyed through the internet, as well as the order forms sent by the customer by mail are considered to serve as proof of the nature, content and date of the order.
In case of online orders, Monde Bio SARL confirms to the customer the acceptance of his or her order at the email address which he/she has provided.
The Monde Bio SARL company reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there has been a previous dispute over the payment of an order.
4 - Availability
In case of temporary unavailability, Monde Bio SARL reserves one extra week for processing the order. In case of permanent unavailability of a product after an order has been placed, the buyer will be informed by email or by phone of the out of stock products.
He/she will then have one workday week (week ends and holidays not included) to ask for the cancellation or the exchange of his/her order, by contacting our customer service:
After this period, if no request was received from the custome, the order will be sent with the available items, and only these items will be charged.
5 - Delivery
The items will be shipped to the delivery address which the buyer has given when ordering. In case of a mistake in the formulation of the recipient's name and address, the seller cannot be held responsible for being unable to deliver the product. The participation to shipping fees is all taxes included. Eventual delays do not allow the buyer to ask for damages and interests.

In case of visible defects on the product, the buyer has the right to return it under the conditions stated in this document. For reasons of availability, an order may be delivered in several installments. The customer pays only for one delivery. If the customer wants to receive his/her order in 2 installments, he/she must place 2 orders, with separate shipping fees for each.

To reduce the shipping fees as much as possible, all small or moderately bulky items are shipped by Royal Mail and delivered to the United Kingdom within 48 hours.

No complaints concerning the nondelivery of a parcel will be accepted by our services later than once month after shipping. Beware: no claim concerning late deliveries will lead to indemnities by Monde du Bio.

Damaged parcel
If a damaged parcel is delivered to your mailbox or in person by your postman, you must imperatively go to your local post office the same day and ask for an official report of the damage, without opening the parcel. If you do not ask for the report on the day of delivery, the post office will refuse to deliver it, and our services will not be able to request indemnities.

Returns on the basis of NKTA
Generalities: Parcels returned by the delivery service provider with the mention 'Not Known at This Address'.

NKTA return treatment
After receipt and acceptance of your parcel by our services, we will create a credit note (total price of your order, shipping not included) on your customer account within 48 hours after receiving your parcel. You may then place another order.

Returns on the basis of 'Unclaimed'
Generalities: Parcels that have not been claimed by customers at their local post office within the deadlines (3 weeks for Royal Mail).

Treatment of returns on the basis of 'Unclaimed'
After receipt and acceptance of your parcel by our services, we will create a credit note (total price of your order, shipping not included) on your customer account within 48 hours after receiving your parcel. You may then place another order.

GLS - Royal Mail is a reliable service.
However, as with any postal service, there may be delivery delays or lost items. In case of late delivery in comparison with the delivery date we gave you in your confirmation mail, please inform us of this delay by phone or email. We will then contact Royal Mail within 3 days and make an enquiry. The postal enquiry may take up to 21 days after the beginning of the enquiry. Within this period, if the parcel is found it will be re-shipped immediately to your address (most cases).
However, if the parcel is not retrieved after the 21 days of the enquiry, Royal Mail will consider it lost. Only then can we send you a replacement item (we pay for the shipping). If the item/s is/are unavailable at that time, we will refund the price of the lost items. If the item/s is/are available but their price has changed on our website, we will apply the new prices, either by sending you a cheque refund for the difference, or by asking you for a cheque covering the price difference.
We decline any responsibility as to the extension of delivery delays by the transporter, for instance in case of loses or strikes.

6 - Payment means
The payment of purchases for UK residents may be done by debit card, credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD), cheque or Paypal.
7 - Secure online payment
Our website uses one of the most efficient security systems now available, the SSL universal encrypting system. The card number is known only to our bank (CIC). It doesn't go through the website server.
The order confirmed by the customer will be considered effective only when the concerned banking institutions give their approval. In case of refusal by the aforementioned institutions, the order will automatically be cancelled, and the customer will be notified by email.
8 - Satisfied or refunded
  • a - In conformity with the laws derived from the french consumption code Art L 121-16, the buyer may return any item that doesn't suit him/her, within 7 days after delivery, in it's original packaging and unopened.
  • b - The buyer may either exchange the item, or ask for a refund, whereas the recipient (if different from the buyer) may either exchange the item, or ask for the buyer's refund.
Ce droit s'applique aux produits défectueux ou non conformes à sa commande.
This right applies to defective items, or items not conform to his/her order. However, we cannot take back:
  • items returned incomplete, damaged, open, or soiled by the customer,
  • items not placed intact, with their labels, in their original packaging (if available),
  • no item will be taken back, exchanged, or refunded on the grounds of allergies.
  • parcels containing no element enabling us to identify the sender (order number, last name, first name, address, phone number), these elements should be written on paper and sent with the returned parcel. The return shipping fees are to be paid by the sender. The returning of products will lead to the creation of a credit note, equal to the item or items' price upon order. It doesn't include the shipping or eventual wrapping fees.
As soon as we process your return, we will inform you about your credit note by email or by phone. The buyer may then use this credit note to exchange his/her items, or ask for a refund.
9 - Applicable law concerning disputes
Complaints or protests will always be received and examined carefully, for we always presume the sincerity of someone who goes through the effort of clearly explaining a problematic situation.
In case of disputes, the customer should first contact our company to solve the conflict by amicable agreement. The present contract is subject to the French law. In case of disputes, the Tours tribunal is the only competent authority.
The Monde Bio SARL company cannot be held responsible for damages of any sort, material, immaterial or physical, that may result from the dysfunction or misuse of the products it sells.
The responsibility of Monde Bio SARL company will, in any case, be limited to the amount of the order, and will not be held responsible for simple errors or omissions that may remain despite all the precaution taken in the display of the products.
In any case, Monde Bio SARL cannot be held responsible for the failure to respect the laws and regulations in effect in the country of receipt, it's responsibility is systematically limited to the value of the product involved, at the selling date, without any possible recourse toward the brand or the product's manufacturing company.
10 - Nominative information
Monde Bio SARL commits itself not to reveal to third parties the information given by the buyers and visitors on it's website. This information is confidential. It will be used by our internal services only for the processing of the order and in order to reinforce and personalize the communication by email or mail newsletters, and to personalize the website according to the preferences of the users.

The present article cannot prevent cession or activity transfer to a third party. In accordance with the french informatics and liberty law of january 6 1978, the buyer has the right to access, rectify, and oppose the personal data concerning him/her. To do so, he/she must send a written request by email or mail, indicating his/her email address, last name, first name, and address.