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Ladrome True Lavender 10ml

Ladrome True Lavender 10ml

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Organic True Lavender/ Lavandula angustifolia syn. Lavandula vera

The best true lavender essential oils are always those produced in France, particularly in the Provence. However, the production has dropped with the arrival of species with a higher yield and more beautiful colours, ideal for bouquets and potpourri.
True lavender bushes with a subtle blue colour can be found between 800 and 1600 metres of altitude.
With a light yellow colour, lavender essential oil gives its strong rustic green fragrance to products of the perfume and cosmetics' industry.

Calming, relaxing, balancing.
Disinfecting and decongesting.
Soothes inflammations.
Antiseptic and cleansing for the skin. Very good skin tolerance.

Therapeutic indications:
Insomnia, palpitations, nervousness.
Respiratory diseases.
Skin diseases, insect bites.

As the origin and geographical area of cultivation and harvest determine the chemical compostion of the essential oil, La Drôme Provençale makes sure its plants for the manufacturing of essential oils are from the best origin.

Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrance, colouring agent or chemical substance.
100% pure, non diluted, not watered down.
100% natural, non denatured, non deterpenated.
Slow steam distillation or mechanical expression of citrus fruit zest.

Use: Diffusion/ bath/ compress/ massage and rub/ oral.
Stress, anxiety, troubled sleep: diffuse 15 minutes in the bedroom before going to bed. 10 to 15 drops in a hot bath before going to bed. 2 to 5 drops in honey or in a dispersant, 2 to 3 times a day between meals.

Burns, slight cuts: dilute 5 drops in 50ml St-John's-wort oil. Apply locally, directly on the skin. Or dilute 10 drops in a bowl of lukewarm water and use for compresses.

Desserts: to make lavender sorbet, count 10 drops for 1/4 litre.

An innovative packaging that protects the essential oils from light and shocks, for a better preservation. 10ml blue glass bottle with a dropper; the label provides the complete definition of the essential oil for better information.
Each bottle comes with a chart of properties and uses of essential oils.

Caution: We recommend having a naturopath or an aromatherapist follow your oral treatment.

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