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Ladrome Clove 10ml

Ladrome Clove 10ml

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Size 10 ml
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Originated from the Indian Ocean islands, the clove tree is an evergreen tree, approximately 10m tall, with a smooth yellow-brown bark. Widely used in cooking and liqueurs, in ancient times cloves were used to preserve meat and fish, and were considered as a panacea for a long time. The essential oil with a powerful, spicy scent has a somewhat brownish yellow colour. It is a choice ingredient in the dentistry and perfumery industries.

Broad and powerful anti-infectious and antibacterial. Reduces sensitivity to pain. General tonic.

As the origin and geographical area of cultivation and harvest determine the chemical compostion of the essential oil, La Drôme Provençale makes sure its plants for the manufacturing of essential oils are from the best origin.

Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrance, colouring agent or chemical substance.
100% pure, non diluted, not watered down.
100% natural, non denatured, non deterpenated.
Slow steam distillation or mechanical expression of citrus fruit zest.

Use: Mouthwash, inhalation, oral use, massage, rub.
Everyday cooking: 1 drop to flavour soups, stews and marinades.
To repel mosquitos and moths: an orange pricked with cloves or a few drops of essential oil on a quilted material.
Oral hygiene: Dilute in 1/2 glas of water and use as a mouthwash.
Difficult digestion: 1 drop in honey after a meal.

An innovative packaging that protects the essential oils from light and shocks, for a better preservation. 10ml blue glass bottle with a dropper; the label provides the complete definition of the essential oil for better information.
Each bottle comes with a chart of properties and uses of essential oils.

Certified by Ecocert