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Laboratoire Paysane Shower gel with 20% Donkey Milk, Shea & Mango, for dry skin 250ml

Laboratoire Paysane Shower gel with 20% Donkey Milk, Shea & Mango, for dry skin 250ml

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Size 250 ml
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Paysane is the only producer to make donkey milk certified by Nature et Progrès, and to transform it in its laboratory into organic cosmetics certified by Nature et Progrès. Because we wanted donkey milk to be the main cosmetic active ingredient in our cosmetics, we decided to enhance it by making this shower gel with a coco betaine cleansing base derived from coconut, and decyl glucoside, a very gentle cleansing base derived from corn.

We have introduced 20% fresh donkey milk, as well as shea butter and mango butter to nourish dry and sensitive skins. No essential oils. Can be used by pregnant women and babies. Unscented. Softness, hydration and silkiness, for a skin that doesn't feel tight anymore.

100% of the donkey milk is from organic farming.

Brand : Paysane

Ingredients: organic donkey milk, coco betaine, decyl glucoside, organic shea butter, mango butter.

INCI: water, lacta asinus, coco betaine, decyl glucoside, butyrospermum parkii butter, mangecifera indica butter, xanthan gum, dehydroacetic acid.

Donkey milk is a natural cosmetic active ingredient, a nectar produced in such small amounts that very few cosmetics containing it are available. Its exceptional tolerance by sensitive skins is due to its biochemical composition, the closest to breast milk. Produced in our farm and transformed on the premises, in our laboratory, just after the milking at the end of the day, we promote this benefit of nature through several ranges of cosmetics. To optimises it, we have chosen to produce and transform it with the highest degree of certification for organic cosmetics: Nature et Progrès. Because dry skin doesn't have the same needs as sensitive skin, because babies don't have the same skin as their mum, we have created specific products for each. We all wish to give the best care to the delicate skin of our baby, and also to our skin, so ill-treated by modern life.
Why choose our cosmetics rather than others? Because we clearly list the percentage of fresh milk in our cosmetics. Because we produce the milk with organic farming certification (no middlemen). Because we manufacture our cosmetics on the premises, without the intervention of an exterior laboratory. Because our farm has a human scale (we only have 13 donkeys). Because, after the milking, we control the bacteriological quality of our milk. Because our products are only tested in vivo, on selected voluntary people (no animal testing), and finally because the Nature et Progrès certification, obtained after several years of work and reassessment, is the highest level of certification for organic farming and organic cosmetics. Every plant ingredient must be certified from organic farming, every subsidiary must comply with the organic cosmetics guidelines established by Nature et Progrès. No synthetic or petrochemical additives.
To minimise the impact on the Earth, we are in favour of reducing packaging, especially all unnecessary overpackaging.
We have installed a system to recycle our laboratory's wastewater with reed filters, so our production has no impact on the environment.

Use this shower gel on wet skin. Rinse and dry as usual.
To fully enjoy the benefits of this shower gel, apply one dose onto a natural sponge, lather up and apply on wet skin.

Certified by Nature et Progrès