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 Hemp oil 50ml

Hemp oil 50ml

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Size 50 ml
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Restarts microcirculation
Hemp oil is a beauty oil for skins subject to redness and rosacea. With its action on microcirculation, it purifies and unifies the complexion.
It is particularly effective as a decongestant, to fight against swollen and puffy features. It is also a soothing oil, perfectly suited to men for a gentle after shave.
Hemp oil also has a relaxing effect on muscles, its application in massages is very beneficial.
Hemp oil contains up to 75% unsaturated essential fatty acids and 2.5% gamma linolenic acids, giving it numerous properties: rehydrating, firming, and regenerating for the skin.

Hemp oil:
-Restarts microcirculation

Why can hemp oil be used as an after shave?
Hemp oil is analgesic and soothes burns and small cuts after shaving. It is therefore an excellent natural after shave.

Can hemp oil be used as a day cream?
Moisturising, hemp oil can be used instead of a day cream. To reinforce the benefits of your usual day cream, you can add 1 dose of hemp oil to 1 dose of cream. Hemp oil can be used at night. It firms and regenerates the skin.

Is it a greasy oil?
The high penetration capacity of hemp oil makes it a non-greasy, nourishing and moisturising oil.

Brand : Forest People

Hemp oil (Cannabis sativa)


From its beginning in 2001, Forest People has bet on difference.
By offering different beauty and well-being products, Forest People has chosen to focus on the essentials.
With products fromulated without water, from oils from all around the world, with creative and original textures, with a complete range in which beauty and well-being are inseparable.
Organic, to respect the body:
Harvested products from Amazonia, authorised by Nature et Progrès.
Raw and original textures. Ingredients available pure or in synergies.
Products without water, made with 100% authentic active principles.
Fair, to respect humans:
Member of the platform for Fair Trade.
Durable relations with the producers.
Limiting middlemen to optimise the margins of producers.
A fair payment, up to 10 times the price of the local market.
Ecological, to respect the Earth:
The promotion of oils is a money-saving alternative to deforestation.
Production practices that comply with natural equilibrium.
No products from animal origin or tested on animals.
An initiative with Coeur de Forêt: " 1 bottle purchased = 1 tree planted "

Hemp oil can be used as a day cream or an after shave.
Pure: Apply 1 to 2 doses on the face morning and/or evening instead of the cream.
Blended: With essential oils to reinforce its properties. 1 dose of essential oil for 10 doses of hemp oil.

Keep in a dry place, at room temperature.

Certified by Nature et Progrès