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Dodie First Age Kit for girl - 3 Dodie Initiation 270ml bottles without bisphenol A

Dodie First Age Kit for girl - 3 Dodie Initiation 270ml bottles without bisphenol A

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Size 150 gr
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Ref DOD078117
This pack contains 3 pink and purple Initiation bottles with Speed 2 - Medium Flow teats.
Bottles guaranteed without bisphenol A or phthalates.

Dodie Initiation, to get a good start with bottles.
This bottle is made from polypropylene, a material guaranteed without bisphenol A (BPA).

Anti-colic bottle
-"Softflow®" anatomical teat "like the breast during feeding"
- Anti-colic valve, regulates the air entry. Respects the baby's suckling rythm.

Dodie Mam Initiation bottles advantages:
- Anti-leak cap.
- "Softflow®" anatomical teat made to mimic the flat shape of the nipple during the feeding.
- A wide ring, that doesn't need to be loosened during the suckling (the air enters through the bottom of the bottle).
- A grading adapted to measuring milk.
- An anti-colic valve that regulates the air entry in the bottle according to the baby's suckling rythm.
- An unscrewable base, making it easy to clean.
- Unbreakable

Innovation Dodie "Softflow®" teat
With the combination of the "Softflow®" teat and anti-colic valve, Dodie Initiation bottle eases the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.
An anatomical teat specifically made to allow your baby to suckle the bottle in the same way he suckles the breast:
- an anatomical shape that mimics the flat shape of the nipple during feeding
- a unique texture, as soft as a mother's skin
- wide and supple, in silicone
- the inside of the teat is slightly striated, to prevent it from sticking together during the baby's suckling.

Teat speed Size and flow
1 Infant size - slow flow
2 Infant size - medium flow
3 Baby size - fast flow

The silicone valve on the perforated base allows the air to enter through the bottom of the bottle when the baby sucks in, which guarantees a constant flow of milk and prevents the baby from swallowing air.

IMPORTANT: To sterilise, entirely take apart the 6 pieces of the bottle.

Complying with the NF EN 14350 standard
Guranteed without bisphenol A

Using tips and cautions:
- Before the first use, boil the bottle, the teat and the Dodie accessories for 5 minutes.
- All the pieces can be washed in a dishwasher (in the top basket).
- Before each use, hand wash the teat. Examine and pull it in every direction. Throw it away as soon as signs of deterioration or fragility appear. Do not expose the teat to direct sunshine or heat.
- Wash the bottle with soap and a soft brush, then rinse before each use.
- This bottle's plastic is high quality, it is hygienic and easy to clean. Avoid any kind of pressure which could damage it.
- For a good positioning, place the teat and tightening ring and pull gently until you hear a "clic".

Instructions for sterilisation:
- For cold sterilisation, follow the instructions for use. Do not leave the teat in the sterilising solution longer then indicated, and drain the bottle and the teat properly before preparing the bottle.
- For hot sterilisation (vapor or microwave) carefully follow the intructions for the device you will use.
- Before each machine washing and/or hot sterilisation, take the entire bottle appart. To avoid damaging the bottle, use mild detergents.
- Wait until the pieces have cooled down sufficiently before putting them back together. While they are still hot, they might be difficult to screw together.

Instructions for heating (do not overheat):
- If you heat the Dodie bottle, especially in a microwave, place the bottle straight up, open, and full.
- Before feeding your baby, remember to mix the heated liquid to spread the heat and test the temperature. Microwave heating can cause very high temperature locally.

For the health and safety of your child: CAUTION!
- The bottle must always be used under adult supervision.
- Keep all the unused elements (ring, cap) out of reach of children.
- Never use a bottle teat as a regular baby dummy.
- The extended and continuous suckling of liquid can cause dental cavities, even with unsweetened liquids.
- Always check the temperature of the food before feeding the baby.
- The teat must be used on a Dodie bottle and fastened with the tightening ring.
- Replace the teat at least every 6 weeks, for hygiene and safety.
- Never pour boiling water into the bottle.