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Dermatherm Purcare SOS gel with honey, for skin aggressions 50ml

Dermatherm Purcare SOS gel with honey, for skin aggressions 50ml

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Size 50 ml
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Ref DER521041
Relaxes & Soothes

PURCARE is a translucent thermal gel with honey, made for damaged, sensitive, atopic, or reactive skin.
The SOS Gel is recommended for the whole family, to treat all the little accidents of the skin:
- Light wounds, scratches, razor cuts...
- Skin blemishes.
- Minor burns, sunburn.
- Topical and superficial anomalies of the skin or mucous membranes.

Rich in naturally effective ingredients (50% thermal water and 28% pure honey), PURCARE stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammation and microbial growth. It promotes tissue regeneration and helps repair damaged skin.

Brand : Dermatherm

98.50% active ingredients

Dermatherm products are the first skin care products certified organic and UHT-sterilised.

The total absence of preservatives in Dermatherm range is based on an Ultra High Temperature sterilisation technology, applied for the first time to cosmetics. Dermatherm airless bottles were selected to protect the product. They are opaque, equipped with a propellant-free measuring pump and no air can enter when opened. Maximum safety is ensured by the addition of a antimicrobial cap in direct contact with the tip of the bottles when they are closed.

The action of thermal water:
In addition to certified organic ingredients, Dermatherm ® products are formulated with natural thermal water, water from Fumades les Bains, which has keratoplastic, keratinising, healing and disinfecting properties.

In accordance with the COSMEBIO label and like all organic cosmetics, Dermatherm contains: no mineral oils, no silicone, no PEG, no GMO, no animal ingredients, and 95% of plant ingredients of the formulas are from organic origin.

No preservatives
No fragrances
No alcohol
No lanolin or derivatives
No essential oils
Rich in thermal water

This liquid gel spreads easily and leaves a supple and light film on the skin. Applied as a thin layer, when it dries, it forms a healing and regenerating bandage.
Can be used on babies and children (except in case of known allergy to one of the ingredients). Can be applied on mucous membranes.
Apply as often as necessary on clean skin. For small wounds, first disinfect the area. This food quality gel is perfectly harmless, even if swallowed.

Wipe off the tip after use. It is necessary to close the bottle after use.

Certified by Ecocert
Cosmebio label