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Weleda Breastfeeding herbal tea 20 sachets 60gr

Weleda Breastfeeding herbal tea 20 sachets 60gr

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Breastfeeding Herbal Tea, for a peaceful breastfeeding.

During the breastfeeding and lactation period, water is essential to the body. The Breastfeeding Herbal Tea contains fenugreek seeds, anise, cumin and fennel, traditionally used to help breastfeeding; as well as verbena leaves for their pleasant taste.

This herbal tea is particularly recommended during the breastfeeding period.

Ingredients : Fenugreek seeds, anise, cumin, fennel, verbena

Brand : Weleda

WHO recommends breastfeeding:
In may 2001, the World Health Organization's general assembly recommended exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life, and at least 4 months for a health benefit. But, even for a shorter period, breastfeeding is recommended.

The benefits of breastfeeding:
Breast milk is perfectly adapted to the baby's needs and development, and favours its good health:
It constantly evolves according to the baby's needs, adapting to it's growth, week after week, and even during suckling.
It reduces the risk of infections (particularly gastrointestinal).
It helps prevent allergies in infants, particularly those who have family predispositions.
It might reduce the risks of diabetes and obesity.

Weleda cosmetic products comply with Weleda's Quality Charter, are certified "Controlled Natural cosmetic" by BDIH and use:
Medicinal plants proceeding from organic or biodynamic farming
Wild medicinal plants
Natural excipients
Natural fragrances
Weleda products do NOT contain mineral (petrochemical) oils or waxes, silicones and synthetic additives, such as preservatives, synthetic colouring agents or fragrances.
No animal testing, no animal ingredients
Recyclable packaging

Use in combination with : the Breastfeeding Massage Oil.

Certified AB