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Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush

Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush

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The highway to clean pores! The Clean Pore Brush offers a deep cleansing with fine furs.

The 310k fine furs of 0.045 mm helps remove the impurities in the pores, especially the ones that would'nt come off by cleansing with your hands. The perfect solution to cleanse the make-up residue, sebum and blackhead.

For a brightly skin, with no imperfection.
The Best Seller of the Clean Pore Brushes in South Korea.

Cleansing with minimal irritation: with the soft, densily aligned furs, a few smooth rubs across the skin allows for a deep cleansing effect. Also due to a well balanced placement of the furs, the stable pressure allows for minimal stimulation and irritation.

Tip: To use with a cleansing foam. Wet the brush with water, then softly massage the face with circular movements , paying particular attention to the T Zone. Rinse the brush after each cleansing and leave it dry .