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Super Diet Quatuor organic Horse Chestnut, Hamamelis, Grape Vine, Ginkgo 20x15ml phials or 300ml

Super Diet Quatuor organic Horse Chestnut, Hamamelis, Grape Vine, Ginkgo 20x15ml phials or 300ml

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Size 300 ml
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This quatuor is a fluid extract combining 4 plants : Grape Vine and Horse Chestnut tree which help to reduce heavy legs sensation and contribute to maintain a good circulation, Ginkgo known for its beneficial action on circulation and Hamamelis which are a perfect match for this compound. Made in our workshops. Alcohol free / Food-colouring free / preservative free.

Originated from the Balkan peninsula, and introduced in France in the 17th century, Horse Chestnut tree is a great decorative tree, common in parks (20 to 30m tall). The fruit is a prickly capsule containing a round seed, which is harvested in september and october. The fresh seeds of this species have been used in herbal medicine since the 19th century. It was said that keeping one or two chestnuts in one's pocket, and replacing them when they became hard, prevented rheumatism!

Originated from North America, Hamamelis is a shrub which can be cultivated in Europe on acid and deep soils. It is quite similar to the Hazel, and is also called 'Witch Hazel'. The leaves can grow up to 15cm long and become dark red when dried. It has been used since ancient times by Native Americans.

Grape vine (common Grape vine) is a woody climbing species, which produces black grapes with red pulp, and whose leaves become red in autumn. It has been known for thousands of years. Grape vine leaves contain anthocyanins which, among other things, have a beneficial effect on small fragile skin cells, and helps against heavy legs.

Gingkgo, the sacred tree of Asian temples, is a real 'living fossil', for it hasn't changed for thousands of years. It has adapted to pollution, for instance it survived Hiroshima's radioactive fallout, and now grows in the most polluted cities, such as New York. It's nutrients : flavonoids and ginkgolides have a beneficial effect on intellect and alertness. It is also known to improve circulation and microcirculation.

Brand : Super Diet

Ingredients :
Horse Chestnut tree* fluid extract (seeds) (450 mg**), Hamamelis* (leaves) (300 mg**), Grape Vine* (leaves) (300 mg**), Ginkgo* (leaves) (150 mg**). *Ingredient proceeding from organic farming. **Dry plant equivalent per 15ml phial.

Characteristics :
Natural manufacturing processes to respect and restore the plants' purity : no alcohol, no dyes, no preservatives.
SUPER DIET products are manufactured on the production site based in DENAIN (North of France).
The choice of ORGANIC ingredients helps respect the environment and the consumer : the plants are grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
SUPER DIET has long term contracts with french farmers to secure the quality of the plants it uses.
Quality is it's first concern, and is certified by the status of pharmaceutical laboratory and the AB (Agriculture Biologique - organic farming) logo.
SUPER DIET is very active in the innovation field, always searching for new plants.
Internal control:
Before being accepted, each plant must receive approval from the control laboratory : a quality protocol is systematically introduced (controls scheduled by the French and European Pharmacopoeia).
External control:
SUPER DIET possesses the status of pharmaceutical laboratory, attesting it's respect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in effect in the Parmaceutical Industry, and issued by the Ministry of Health. In addition, SUPER DIET is controlled by Qualite France (agency dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture) and can claim the AB (Organic Farming) logo, which guarantees respect of the ORGANIC charter.

Presentation : Box containing 20 15ml drinkable phials
Volume : 300ml

Use : Take 1 phial per day, pure or diluted in half a glass of water. Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Not suitable in case of hypersensitivity to ginkgo. Contact your doctor in case you are treated with anticoagulant or platelet aggregation inhibiting drugs. It is advisable to follow recommended doses, and have a diverse and balanced diet as well as healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children.

Organic product (AB), certified by ECOCERT