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Solyvia Take it Easy roll-on for Stress & Anxiety 5ml

Solyvia Take it Easy roll-on for Stress & Anxiety 5ml

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Size 5 ml
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Ref SOL089792
Enjoy a moment of relaxation with this roll-on formulated according to the principles of aromatherapy.

The combination of essential oils specifically against stress and anxiety offers a real moment of relaxation and soothes the spirit before an ordeal or in case of anxiety attacks.
In the evening, it also helps to relax and fall asleep.

Brand: Solyvia

Vegetable oils: Nigella, St-John's-wort
Essential oils: Marjoram, chamomile, ylang ylang, bitter orange* and bitter mandarin* (*photosensitising essential oils)

Against stress: to ease your mind before an ordeal or in case of anxiety attacks:
Apply up to 3 times a day on the inside of the wrists or with a massage along the spine.
To help fall asleep:
Apply on the inside of the wrists and the soles of the feet until it penetrates completely, just before going to bed.

1 - Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes: never apply the oil in the eyes or ears. In case of contact with the eyes, clean several times with a cotton pad soaked with cooking oil and call the emergency services.
2 - Follow the recommended dosage. With essential oils, the right dosage is fundamental. Our products have been formulated optimally to minimise the risk of allergies.
3 - Do not attempt self-medication in case of serious infections.
4 - Do not use if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.
5 - Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
6 - Follow good health habits: healthy diet, good work/rest rythms, regular moderate physical activity, relaxation.
7 - Babies and young children do not have the same metabolism as adults, do not use our products on children under 3 years old, unless recommended by your doctor.
8 - Do not go out in the sun after applying: some essential oils are photosensitising (bergamot, lemon...) and can cause the area of skin to darken quicker.
9 - Store in a cool dry place, away from light.
10 - If you have very sensitive skin, first test the product in the crease of your elbow. In case of redness, clean with a gentle soap and apply sweet almond oil to soothe the skin.

Certified by Ecocert
Cosmebio label