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Sealine Dead Sea Salt 1kg

Sealine Dead Sea Salt 1kg

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Until 31/12/2021
Size 1 kg
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A very soothing and healing effect, for a healthy skin.
A bath with Dead Sea salt stimulates skin metabolism, blood circulation, and eliminates impurities.
It has a very soothing and healing effect, treats scaly dermatosis (psoriasis) and purifies the skin, eliminating pimples and blackheads.
It makes muscles and stiff joints more supple, and pleasantly relaxes in case of tension or after a physical effort.

The natural benefits of the Dead Sea, and the natural benefits of plants
The Dead Sea is the richest source in the world for salt, minerals and regenerating trace elements. For thousands of years, these riches, isolated by the surrounding deserts and free of any pollution, have accumulated and concentrated naturally. Essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, sulfates and bromides are vitally important for many body functions. Dermatological studies and years of research have shown that the unique composition of Dead Sea salt and clay makes them essential daily skin care products, that are particularly effective for dry and sensitive skins, skin problems or scaly skin.

Brand : Sealine

Characteristics :
Sealine products are suitable for women and men. Their wonderful results comes from the Dead Sea minerals and clay, combined with plant essential oils and specific bio-organic plants extracts.
Their combined action balances the metabolism, stimulates the supply of blood, nourishes, rejuvenates and revitalises the skin, eliminates its impurities and relaxes in times of mental and physical effort.
The formula of Sealine products complies with the standards the german control organism BDIH has set for natural cosmetics in Europe.
They do not contain synthetic ingredients that harm the skin or might be harmful to the health and the environment, and are not tested on animals.
Sealine's Dead Sea Treatment effectively heals unpleasant skin problems. The treatment slows down excessively rapid cell division, responsible for scaly skin, and balances the skin's moisture level. It regenerates the skin, soothes and reduces itching. Sealine's skin care products, when applied correctly, guarantee a healthy, clear, soft and soothed skin, that remains so.
Dermatological studies have shown that after a 4 week treatment course with Dead Sea products, the skin was clearer in 54% cases, and that there was improvement in 40% cases.

INCI ingredients: Dead Sea salt.

First, dissolve the bath salt in very hot water, then mix with cold water to obtain a bath temperature between 35°C and 37°C. Recommended bathing time: approximately 15 minutes.

Certified 100% natural cosmetic by BDIH certification label.