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Phyts Phyt'ssima intense moisturising mask 40gr

Phyts Phyt'ssima intense moisturising mask 40gr

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Until 31/12/2021
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Suited to dry, irritated and reactive skin.

The Phyt’ssima® Intense Moisturising Mask is suited to dry, irritated and reactive skin. Rich in nourishing Argan and Hemp oils, and in Omega 3 and 6, it leaves the skin feeling soothed and protected.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil: Moisturising, revitalising action; softens and protects the skin (high content in Omega 6).
Hemp oil: Skin elasticity, regenerating action, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals (balanced content in Omega 3 and 6).

Contains 2 elements with a major effect on the skin:
Unsaturated fatty acids (80%), that act as a barrier against water evaporation and moisturise and nourish the skin. Its 35% unsaturated fatty acids omega 6 allow a true reconstruction of the keratin layer.
The unsaponifiable part contains very active elements for the skin: tocopherol (vitamin E), a well known natural antioxidant; protecting, healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements.

Contains 76% unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and 6. A perfectly balanced oil to play a part in the skin's barrier function, and control water loss: 55% unsaturated fatty acids omega 6 for 11% unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 (ratio 3/1), with anti-inflammatory properties.
3% gamma linolenic acid, a precursor of anti-inflammatory molecules.

Argan and Hemp oils act in synergy, with their specific composition, very beneficial for the skin (unsaturated fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, vitamin E, unsaponifiables), on the skin barrier, as well as on the inflammatory processes (redness, itching) often present in case of dry to very dry skins.

ARGAN + HEMP = a combination rich in actives that treat the deficiencies of dry and very dry skins.

Brand : Phyt's

Characteristics :
100% of ingredients are from natural origin
No silicons
No mineral oils derived from the petrochemical industry
No synthetic colouring agents or fragrances
No raw materials from animal origin
Finished product not tested on animals

Once or twice a week, after cleansing the face using Phyt’s products, apply the Phyt’ssima® Nourishing Serum and then apply the mask to the face and neck. Leave on for 10 min, rinse and dry.

Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT
Certified Cosmebio