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Phyts Multi effect brown mascara 9ml

Phyts Multi effect brown mascara 9ml

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Until 31/12/2022
Size 9.5 ml
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Ref PHY260395
Nourishes, curves.

Active ingredients:
Sesame oil: rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it moisturises and works against dryness.
Plant polyglycerides: moisturise the skin.
Beeswax and carnauba* wax: leaves a film, sheathe.
Jojoba* and macadamia* oils: rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, they moisturise, protect and regenerate.
Natural mineral pigments: give the black colour.
Plant tocopherol: antioxidant vitamin E to protect the eyelashes.
*100% of plant ingredients are from organic farming
19% of total ingredients are from organic farming
99% natural ingredients

The "plus" of this Multi Effect Mascara:
Nourishes and lengthens the eyelashes, for a deep gaze.
Multi-effect brush.
Formula enriched with natural plant waxes and oils
Proven perfect eye tolerance

Why choose organic makeup?
To be attractive, to seduce, charm, or just to please oneself and feel good.
Many allergies of the eyes and sensitive areas.
More trust in natural than chemical: safe products.
Products that don't clog up the skin.
Medicated makeup: active ingredients.
Answering a growing demand.
Ecological commitment: fully or partly recyclable packagings

Thanks to the progress in research, PHYT'S has brought an answer to its customers: beauty products that allow you to wear makeup and treat your skin safely! PHYT'S is the only brand to offer a range of makeup 100% COSMEBIO label and certified ECOCERT.

Organic makeup = fun, trendy, and skin care

Brand : Phyt's

Characteristics :
100% of ingredients are from natural origin
No silicons
No mineral oils derived from the petrochemical industry
No synthetic colouring agents or fragrances
No raw materials from animal origin
Finished product not tested on animals

Apply a coat on the tip of the lashes and let it dry. Then, apply two coats of mascara, with small zigzag moves to separate the eyelashes.

Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT
Certified Cosmebio