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Phyts Complexion corrector 6gr

Phyts Complexion corrector 6gr

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Until 31/12/2021
Size 6 gr
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Ref PHY261460
Skin tone corrector

Conceals and purifies.
Camouflages small red spots, homogenises the skin tone and dries and purifies skin imperfections.

Brand : Phyt's

Its active ingredients:
Eucalyptus* floral water: decongests, tones.
Argan oil*: anti ageing with its content in vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids. Moisturising, revitalising and softening action.
Thyme essential oil*: antiseptic, antimicrobial action, effective against all skin problems.
Palmarosa essential oil*: moisturising, toning, antibacterial.
Tea Tree essential oil: acts gently without irritating the skin. Helps pimples disappear with its major wide-range antibacterial action.

Characteristics :
100% of ingredients are from natural origin
No silicons
No mineral oils derived from the petrochemical industry
No synthetic colouring agents or fragrances
No raw materials from animal origin
Finished product not tested on animals

Before applying a tinted cream or foundation, tap a very small amount onto the areas to treat.

Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT
Certified Cosmebio