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Phyto-Actif Acerola Organic 500 2 tubes of 12 tablets

Phyto-Actif Acerola Organic 500 2 tubes of 12 tablets

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Size 64.8 gr
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Ref ACT370029
The first natural vitamin C derived from organic Acerola
Acerola is a cherry from South America with a vitamin C content up to 80 times higher than that of orange. Vitamin C is necessary to the body, which cannot produce it. It becomes necessary when the vitamin intake is insufficient.
Natural and a source of bioflavonoids (Acerola, lemon peels, rose hips), Acerola Organic 500 allows a better assimilation of vitamin C by the body, therefore better efficiency.

Acerola Organic 500 is recommended to fight against temporary fatigue and increase natural resistance. It naturally provides tonus and energy. It plays a decisive role in the absorption of iron by the body. A powerful antioxidant, it fights against cell ageing.

Brand : Laboratoire Phyto Actif

2 tubes of 12 scored tablets

Whole cane sugar*, corn maltodextrin*, acerola berries* with 17% natural vitamin C, talc, lemon peels*, natural cherry flavour, rose hips*, natural lemon flavour.
*from organic farming
100% of agricultural ingredients are from organic farming

Calories: 10.17 kcal
Protein: 0.094g
Carbohydrates: 2.43g
Fats: 0.005g

Organic acerola berries 500mg including 85mg natural vitamin C (141.67% of DRI**)
Organic lemon peels 47.80mg
Organic rose hips 23.90mg

**Dietary Reference Intake

- From 100% natural origin and certified AB by Ecocert
- With 500mg Acerola, including 85mg vitamin C per tablet
- No colouring (1), no preservative, no artificial flavouring
- By consuming this product, you participate in protecting the environment and you protect yourself against the dangers of intensive farming (pollution by fertilisers and pesticides...)
- The label certified by an independant organism guarantees these commitments as well as a strict control of the origins of our 100% natural raw materials.
(1) In compliance with the organic methods of production

Chew on 1 tablet a day (adults).

Certified by Ecocert
Certified AB