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Naturado Carrot oil for a golden tan 50ml

Naturado Carrot oil for a golden tan 50ml

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Until 15/03/2020
Size 50 ml
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Ref CPA737160
Obtained by maceration of carrots in sunflower oil.

Carrot is an exceptionally rich vegetable in provitamin A (carotene), in vitamins B and F, in easily assimilated sugars (dextrose and levulose), in calcium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, copper and iron.

It therefore has a very tonic and revitalising action, especially on the skin.

Applied regularly, it helps obtain a golden tan and maintain a supple and healthy skin, with a holiday glow. It gives life to the skin, refreshes the complexion and helps cover up wrinkles.

Brand : Naturado

Comptoir Provençal des Argiles is a laboratory which elaborates and markets the most natural possible cosmetics, excluding petrochemical by-products, parabens, glycol ethers and all other substances recognised as or suspected of having harmful effects for the health.
Using recent researches in Bio-Technology, our active principles are exclusively based on plant extracts, essential and vegetable oil and clays, active formulae offering convincing results.
No sodium lauryl, myreth or laureth sulfate.
No colouring agents, no paraben, no synthetic fragrance.
Formula not tested on animals.

Ecological and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert
Certified Cosmebio