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Natracare 10 Natural maternity pads

Natracare 10 Natural maternity pads

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Natracare’s extra soft, extra long, breathable, maternity pads are ideal for total comfort and security in the days after giving birth when delicate skin needs to be protected from irritating synthetic materials.

No chlorine. Natural materials. No latex. No plastic. Unscented. Extra-soft surface. Biodegradable.

Brand: Natracare

For the past 16 years, Natracare has won a trustworthy reputation among women looking for a chemical-free sanitary protection. Natracare now introduces in its range of natural products a new range for mothers, including maternity pads and nursing pads.
These superior quality products are made from virgin substances, totally free of chlorine (used in many common sanitary products, it produces dioxin, which is linked to the development of cancers, endometriosis, and reduction of the immune system.
Natracare maternity pads and nursing pads do not contain petrochemical products such as: plastic, synthetics, super absorbents, which can have a negative impact on women's health and on the environment. During pregnancy, women are naturally more concerned with their health and the care they give to their body. The purity of Natracare products brings women the necessary comfort, so important at this time of their life.