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Mousticare black Bracelet anti-mosquitoes

Mousticare black Bracelet anti-mosquitoes

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Until 08/07/2020
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Mousticare® Bracelet contain a powerfull natural repellent, the Géraniol derived from Cymbopogon, recognized to keep at bay mosquitoes and others insects efficiently (horseflies, chiggers,ticks, midges…).
The efficacy* and the safety of this repellent had been tested by Independents Europeans laboratories.

Depending on the application, it provides protection up to one month.

* Analysis by the Laboratories T.E.C-64600 Angles (France).

For all activities : outside at home or at work (walk trek, picnic, hunting, fishing, sport, camping…).

For the whole family : for adults, pregnants woman and children over 30 months. Adjustable bracelet, without toxic, DEET-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and silicone-free.

All of tropical areas and temperate : For an optimal protection in tropical or infested areas combined MoustiCare® Bracelet with MoustiCare® for skin in infested areas and with MoustiCare® Clothes Spray.

Authorized in cabin luggage.

Application advices :
For optimum protection of the entire body, one hour before exposure wear one bracelet in your wrist and wear another in your opposite ankle.
Do not tighten the bracelet.
Take off the bracelet by bathing (reduced duration of protection).
After use, return the bracelet in its original bag.
Do no sleep with the bracelets. Attach the bracelet in the head and/or foot of the bed.
Can be attach in a bag, stroller, sunshade, and tent…

Caution : Although it is not in direct contact with the skin, superficial heating reactions or tinglings may occur. These are temporaries and related to the activity of the product. In case of reaction, immediately take off the bracelet.
N° Inventory Biocide: 25747

Exist in 3 colors