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Marcus Rohrer Spirulina 3 months treatment refill 540 tablets

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina 3 months treatment refill 540 tablets

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Against intellectual or physical fatigue.
Spirulina 3 months treatment, for intellectuel or physical fatigue, 540 tablets. Refill for the 540 tablets box.

Brand : Marcus Rohrer

Spirulina is recommended to: increase stamina and resistance, complete the diet of students, periods of convalescence, recover vitality, protect the skin, revitalise nails and hair, complete the diet during pregnancy or menopause, complete a slimming diet.

Spirulina is a powerful food that should be found on all tables.

Spirulina is a microscopic alga naturally found in lakes of equatorial regions. In the water, it looks like a green powder in suspension. For a long time, the people of these regions knew its remarkable nutritional properties. In Chad, for example, it was successfully used to fight against malnutrition. This alga is made of 60% protein, it contains iron, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, and unsaturated fatty acids of the gamma-linolenic type.

Spirulina is now grown in many countries such as Mexico, California and the island of Hawaii. The most renowned is the one from Hawaii, as it has exceptional sunshine, and the cultivation techniques with sea water rinsing enrich the spirulina in trace elements and prevent the development of bacteria. Again, among all these types of spirulina, we have noted great differences in efficiency.

After having tested numerous brands, we have selected the Marcus Rohrer brand, who distinguishes itself by methods of drying and conditioning that preserve nutrients. The purple Miron glass bottles ensure maximum protection of the quality of the spirulina by preserving its vital strength at its original level for a long time. The refills are also made with incomparable Miron sheet glass, that possesses almost the same preservation capacity.

The spirulina alga is a 100% natural energy source, with more than 60 nutrients, such as:
-plant protein
-chlorophyll and phycocyanin
-amino acids

Marcus Rohrer spirulina favours purification, completes deficiencies, stimulates the metabolism, increases resistance and activates the natural defense system. For more energy in case of apathy, healing after a disease and for better sports performance, for work and study.


-Family and children:
Gives more energy
Increases resistance
In case of fatigue and stress
Quicker recuperation after a disesase
Before and after pregnancy
Also suitable for small children

-Work and studies:
Improves concentration
Improves performance
Keeps you healthy longer
In case of excessive work and stress

More endurance
Quicker recovery after an effort
Better performance

-People over 50:
Slows down ageing
Keeps you young and quick-witted
Reinforces the immune system
Helps you during menopause
Maintains the right level of cholesterol

For a clear skin
In case of skin problems
For shiny hair and stronger nails
As a support in slimming courses

Improves health
Reinforces the immune system
Gives a shiny coat

-When travelling:
Gives you more long-term energy when driving
Improves concentration
Better recuperation after long trips
Helps overcome jet lag

Possible reactions at the beginning:
Because of the cleaning action of spirulina, (quicker evacuation of waste), at the beginning, some people can feel a light headache or nausea. This phenomena is not worrisome, on the contrary. It shows that internal purification is occuring. The effect is therefore very positive! Slightly reduce the dosage to gradually slow down the purification. The normal dosage can then be taken later. The reactions will disappear and you will feel better than ever.
If you slowly increase the dose from the beginning, you won't notice anything.

What can you expect?
If you use Marcus Rohrer spirulina regularly, you will feel invigorated after 1 to 3 weeks. The results vary from one person to another and depend on your condition, of course. Whatever the case, the effects will be fully felt when you excercise enough in open air and eat healthy food.

Spirulina is a pure and natural food source. You can use it all day long. There is no addiction and you can stop whenever you want. Spirulina can perfectly be combined with other food supplements. So far, no negative sife-effect is known for spirulina.

Keep the VioSol® glass bottle:
Do not throw away the violet glass when it is empty. You can reuse the valuable VioSol® glass for the less expensive Spirulina refillable packaging. Or for example you can use them to store spices, tea or herbs. Because of the conserving properties of the VioSol® glass, they remain fresh longer and retain their natural goodness.

Recommended usage:
If you use spirulina for the first time, slowly increase the dosage as follows:
-The 2 first days: 1 tablet a day.
-The 3rd and 4th days: 2 tablets a day.
-Then every 2 days one more tablet, until the dose of 3 to 6 tablets a day is achieved.
-Take spirulina preferably with water, before a meal.
-As a support during a slimming diet, take spirulina half an hour before a meal, with a large glass of water.
-Take everyday, at once in the morning, or in several times throughout the day.
-It is better not to take spirulina in the evening, you might be too active when you go to bed. However it is a good idea if you are going to work in the evening or if you want to go out.
-Tip: drink a lot of water everyday. This reinforces internal cleansing. For a better evacuation of the waste from the body.

Dried naturally at room temperature.

Refill with 540 tablets (3 x 180 tablets), for 3 to 6 months.
VioSol® glass sheet, guaranteeing optimal quality and freshness of the spirulina.
You are already using Marcus Rohrer spirulina, this 540 tablet refill allows you to reuse your VioSol® glass bottle.