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Lunacopine LunaCopine Cynthia pink menstrual cup size 1 with pouch

Lunacopine LunaCopine Cynthia pink menstrual cup size 1 with pouch

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Size 30 gr
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Ref LUN002125
This menstrual cup is suitable for teens, young women, or for light flow.

The LunaCopine (previously LunaCup) is a menstrual cup that is inserted in the vagina to receive the menstrual flow. By its shape and suppleness, it fits the shape of the vaginal wall to avoid leaks. It is emptied from time to time and replaced after having rinsed it with water.

Women unconditionally adopt it for:
Its comfort
A great effort has been made in the conception of the LunaCopine to provide softness and comfort. Shorter than a tampon, it fits the shape of the vagina once in place. You will quickly forget it and will be able to maintain all your usual activities or have a good night of sleep.

Health & hygiene
Made from 100% medical silicone, the LunaCopine contains no bleaching agent, no fragrance; it doesn't dry out the vagina; it doesnt touch the cervix; it can be boiled to sterilise it; it is not soiled when urinating and can stay in place; no cases of toxic shock syndrome have ever been reported.

Financial aspect
The LunaCopine quickly becomes cheaper to use than the other methods of protection. A well kept LunaCopine can last up to 10 years.

Environment protection
As it is reusable , the LunaCopine doesn't produce daily waste. The production also limits pollution.
Apart from providing good protection against leaks, no part of the LunaCopine sticks out, and you can freely practice your usual sports (swimming, dancing, gymnastics), or relaxation activities (sauna, Turkish bath).
The cup keeps the blood away from air, and avoids unpleasant smells.
Handy for everyday use but also when traveling, only a little bit of water and soap are necessary. If not available, a bottle of soapy water may be enough.
No need to buy your protections regularly, one or two LunaCopines are sufficient for your intimate hygiene for many years.
Sold with a small pouch of non-fibrous fabric to protect it, it takes up little space in your purse.

Two sizes available:
The shape and size of the LunaCopine allows every women to use the menstrual cup best suited to her situation.

Size 1: This cup is suited to teens, young women and for light flow.

Size 2: This cup is for women who have already given birth or for heavy flow.

Size of the LunaCopine 1:
Diameter: 41mm
Length: 47mm
Capacity: 25ml
Length of stem: 25mm

Size of LunaCopine 2:
Diameter: 46mm
Length: 52mm
Capacity: 30ml
Length of stem: 20mm
(The choice of size is free, this information is for reference only).

LunaCopine menstrual cups are soft and flexible.

Common questions about the LunaCopine:

Where does the LunaCopine come from?
LunaCopine is the French brand of the Lunette menstrual cup made in Finland.

Is the LunaCopine menstrual cup safe?
It is safe. It is made from medical silicone, by a Finnish manufacturer that controls in detail the manufacturing of each cup, to guarantee safety. Each step of the production of the menstrual cups is supervised, from the base material to the finished product. In Europe, the menstrual cup is considered a hygiene product. The menstrual cup depends on the legislation for the protection of consumers and guarantees the legal responsibility of the manufacturer for the safety of the product, this is why the LunaCopine menstrual cup doesn't require an official label from the national administration of health.

Should I wash it with a scented soap or only with tap water?
Scented soaps with the wrong pH can deposit a film on the cup, which can irritate or harm the vaginal mucous membrane. Sometimes these soaps contain substances that can alter the behavior of silicone. If you have doubts, it is better to wash the LunaCopine menstrual cup with tap water rather than with the wrong soap. As the inner surface of the cup is smooth, it rinses easily with tap water. You can then wash it with a suitable soap later.

Can the LunaCopine's fabric pouch be washed?
The pouch is made of satin, and can be washed by hand or in a washer (delicate program). It can also be ironed at medium temperature. At first, the fabric of the pouch seems stiff, but it becomes softer after being washed once.