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Logona Herbal hair colour - Teak 150ml

Logona Herbal hair colour - Teak 150ml

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Size 150 ml
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An intense, luminous colour. Logona's herbal colouring creams wrap and sheath each individual hair.

Their formula, highly concentrated in colouring plants (patented process) creates a unique colour derived from your original colour.

Testifying Logona's innovativeness: a real world premiere, protected by 2 patents, from Logona's applied research.

Brand : Logona

Characteristics :
Logona herbal colour cream is enriched with plant and mineral (green clay) active ingredients, and makes your hair shiny and supple, with a natural and luminous colour.
Optimised coverage of grey hair.
Ideal for roots. Can be used to colour only the roots, if desired.
No peroxide or ammonia.
Rich cream, ready to use.
50% stronger highlights than with a colouring powder.
Easy to apply.
The colouring cream (highlights + shine) can be mixed with a colouring powder (coverage + volume).
100% herbal colours.

Ingredients :
Purified water, organic vegetable alcohol, , vegetable glycerin, maltodextrin, concentrated beet extract, concentrated henna extract, concentrated organic chamomile extract, sorbitol, xanthan gum, sugar-based cleansing base, alginate, citric acid, essential oil blend.

Use: A detailed instructions guide comes with each tube.
The colouring powders and creams can be mixed. By doing so, you can combine the benefits of a powder (volume, less "coppery" colours, coverage) with those of a cream (shine, highlights).

Instructions for use:

First it is best to test the colour on one streak of hair, as the result will differ according to the type of hair. To optimally prepare the hair, using the Logona preparation mask is recommended. For shoulder-length to long hair, one tube is needed. You will also need: a mob cap and a pair of gloves (in the packaging), one glass bowl, a brush or comb to apply the colour, a cream to protect the skin near the hairline and sides of the face, one or two old towels to rpotect your clothes. To fix the colour, using the Logona fixation mask is recommended.

Preparation: First make sure your hair is free of all chemicals, detanglers, balms, or hairspray. The colour cream must be applied on clean wet hair.

Step 1: To avoid traces on your skin, apply a greasy cream near the hairline and sides of the face and place a cotton strip. Cover your shoulders and clothes with an old towel and put on the plastic gloves.
Application: apply the cream with a brush or comb for a lengthe of 5-10cm starting from the forehead and temples. Then continue spreading only on the roots on a length of 3-5cm, following the natural parting of your hair, in parallel streaks. Start from a central parting, apply the cream and spread, then fold the hair back and proceed to the next streak.

Step 2: back of the head.
Proceed in the same manner, with horizontal parting, streak by streak. Fold the hair back towards the front and move on down until the base of the neck.

Step 3: lengths.
Apply the rest of the cream on the top of the head and bring back all the hair to it, "pulling" upward, this way you will spread the cream on the lengths and tips of the hair. Repeat gently until the hair is completely coated.

If the cream has coloured the skin, traces can be eliminated easily with a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil or by applying a greasy cream overnight and then wiping it away in the morning.

Once the cream is applied, cover your hair with the mob cap, then wrap a towel around your head to keep the heat. The heat of the sun will also help activate the process.

Step 4: application time.
Application time varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on hair type or colour. A test on one streak of hair wil help you know how long to leave on the colour cream.

Step 5: rinsing.
After the colour has set, rinse your hair thoroughly until the water comes out clear. DO NOT shampoo your hair immediately after using the colour cream, the colour might lose a lot of intensity. You may however use the Logona fixation mask (recommended): apply a generous amount of the mask on wet (but not washed) hair, let it work 5-10min then rinse with warm water. Do not use a shampoo for at least 12 hours after using an herbal hair colour, as it needs time to set in the hair. When you are ready to shampoo your hair again, you may use the Logona highlight shampoos to help prolong your colour.

Caution: Do not colour your hair if your scalp has any cuts or wounds. These herbal hair colours ar not suited for body hair or colouring the skin. Discard any leftovers of the cream. Before using on chemically coloured hair, first test the cream on a streak of hair.
Logona herbal hair colours are semi-permanent, the duration of the result will depend on the type of hair.To increase intensity, you may proceed to 3 colours one week apart each.

Certified «Controlled Natural Cosmetic » by BDIH

Logona colouring creams
Colouring creams: colours in harmony with nature.
Healthy and shiny hair with a shimmering colour highlights your personality. With Logona's colouring creams, you can tone down or intensify your natural colour, and even change your hair colour if you wish, without modifying the texture of your hair.

How do herbal dyes function?
Explained simply, chemical dyes take out the hair's natural pigments and replace them with chemical pigments. The original colour can therefore be completely modified. The hair is more brittle, lifeless. On the contrary, natural dyes attach themselves only to the upper hair fibre. A 100% herbal dye forms a protective sheath around the hair and merges with your original colour to create a luminous and personalized colour. It also has a repairing effect: the combination of various colouring plants with curative properties brings volume and natural shine to your hair.

100% Natural Ingredients:
LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors consist of natural, plant colorants, such as certified organically grown henna, walnut shells, rhubarb, and chamomille, which color your hair gently and produce natural looking color results. Free of synthetic colorants, fragrances, andd preservatives, LOGONA hair colors contain none of the aggressive ingredients, such as ammonia and peroxides, normally contained in hair coloring products. Each LOGONA Herbal Color carries the BDIH seal of approval as a “certified natural cosmetic” product.

NEW! Ready-to-Use Formulations:
The new LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Creams represent a truly new and innovative approach to hair coloring. Based solidly on decades of experience with the popular LOGONA Herbal Hair Color powdered mixtures, the new Color Creams add convenience and simplicity to the process. The Color Creams are ready to use right out of the tube! No mixing with hot water or coffee or anything. Just squeeze the product from the tube and apply.

Touch Up Coloring of New Growth and Roots:
LOGONA hair colors are long lasting. For most people, after 4-8 weeks a clearly visible difference exists between the colored hair and the color of the new growth. The “roots” problem. This unsightly contrast, however, is generally much more subtle than for chemically colored hair. Now, thanks to the creamy texture and ease of application of the Color Creams, you can color your new growth much more easily. The products’ film-forming characteristics also produce a much more blended look between your newly-colored roots and your previously color hair.

Optimised Coverage of Gray:
The new Color Creams feature greatly improved gray hair coverage. This is achieved by the addition of green clay, which, thanks to its gentle stripping effect, prepares the hair so that the pigment particles adhere better to the hair.

Every color unique:
A LOGONA hair color combines with your individual hair color and structure to produce a color result not completely predictable or stan-dar-dizable. Finely struc-tured hair and lighter shaded hair, for example, tend to bind LOGONA hair colors much quicker and more intensively than coarser or darker hair. We strongly recommend that you take the time to do careful strand testing.

Herbal Hair Colors and Perms:
We recommend that you perm first, and color second. In this way, you will achieve a full coloration, and improve the structure of hair damaged by the perm.

Copper Blonde colouring cream:
-doesn't lighten hair colour
-recommended for blonde hair

Nougat Brown colouring cream:
-recommended for medium blonde to auburn hair

Indian Summer colouring cream:
-recommended for blonde to brown hair

Tizian colouring cream:
-recommended for blonde to brown hair

Teak colouring cream:
-recommended for dark blonde to auburn hair