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Logona Ghassoul Powder cardboard box 1 kg

Logona Ghassoul Powder cardboard box 1 kg

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Size 1 kg
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Ref LOG014503
Powder of Pure Clay or Rasul

This cleansing powder is for sensitive scalps and especially in the case of oily hair or the presence of dandruff. Recommended to cleanse sensitive or blemish-prone skin types. Its extremely mild, non-irritating, and non-sudsing cleansing action neither damages the skin’s protective acid mantle nor alters the skin’s pH. Also recommended to wash oily or dandruffy hair. Fragrance free.

Allows a gentle wash without destroying the hydrolipidic film thanks to the lack of washing agent.

Ghassoul cleans gently and thoroughly through a physical process: mixed with water, it lays down fat particles, dust, etc. ..., and allows easy removal during rinsing. It replaces the traditional shampoo with a gentler washing and gives voluminous hair.

Used for centuries to cleanse the hair and body.
It is an indispensable part of the hammam.

Brand: Logona

Gives shine and volume to hair.

INCI: hectorite

No preservatives, fragrance, synthetic dyes or petrochemical derivatives.
No ethylated raw materials (PEG)
No genetically modified plants.
Not tested on animals.
Soft commodities for skin and health benefits.
All components used comply with the specifications of the BDIH.

Usage tips:
In a bowl, mix Ghassoul in warm water until it is a creamy paste. Apply by massaging the wet hair and / or body, leave for a few minutes, then rinse.

BDIH Certified