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Les Anes d'Autan Face and body foaming cleanser with Donkey Milk 200ml

Les Anes d'Autan Face and body foaming cleanser with Donkey Milk 200ml

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Size 200 ml
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Ref ANE050068
Our foaming cream with a rich texture cleans and softens the skin ideally to preserve its hydration.

Its rich foam and subtle scent provide daily comfort and well being. Doesn't contain soap or essential oils.

Brand : Les Anes d'Autan

INCI ingredients: Aqua, glycerin*, cocamidopropyl betain, caprylic capric glucoside, honey*, lac asinae*, glyceryl stearate, carraghenane, glyceryl caprylate, citrus sinesis (L.) persoon (CH.)*, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid, tocopherol.
*from organic farming
21.8% of total ingredients are from organic farming
92.2% of total ingredients are from natural origin

Because it is essential to preserve your well being, but also control the impact on our environment;
Because we are comitted to protecting your health and that of the planet;
All our products are natural and organic, without parabens (BHT) or EDTA, without any synthetic or petrochemical product.
100% of the plant and our donkey milk are from organic farming.
Of course, our products are not tested on animals.

Our donkeys:
From the meadows where our donkeys graze, their food supplements (organic hay and barley), the livestock farming and care methods (homeopathy, phytotherapy), to the raw materials that make up our products, their manufacturing and the designing of the packages (recycled paper, plant-based inks, family sizes). The donkey is a monogastric mammal, of which the quality of the milk directly depends on the quality of its food.

Our jennies are milked manually 4 to 6 times a day (every 2 hours) to obtain 1 to 1.5 litres per jenny per day. The entire herd is chipped and identified, in such a way that it can never pass the doors of a slaughterhouse. We give particular care to the future of our foals (donkeys live 35 to 40 years) and carefully select their next owners.

In equines as well as in humans, digestion restores the essential elements. They are therefore present in large amounts in the milk. The nature of their sugars and proteins are similar.

Donkey milk provides you with:
trace elements
polyunsaturated fatty acids

Certified by Ecocert
Certified Cosmebio