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Ladrome Stick'Nez pocket-size inhaler 1gr

Ladrome Stick'Nez pocket-size inhaler 1gr

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Size 1 gr
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Stick'Nez is a pocket-size inhaler made with 100% organic essential oils. It helps clear clogged airways. It is an entirely natural product for comfort and well-being, free of synthetic preservatives, colouring agents or additives.

Brand : Ladrome

Propolis range
PROPOLIS refers to several resin, gum, and balsam-like substances, with a viscous texture, gathered by the bees on certain parts (buds and bark mostly) of trees (birch, poplar, willow and various conifers.
The bees bring back this substance to the hive and modify it with some of their own secretions (wax and saliva mostly).
It is the SYNERGY of the numerous flavonoids of propolis, each having its own therapeutic properties, that makes it effective against health problems. By its composition, propolis has numerous properties, that can vary depending on its origin.

Its properties:
Important bacteriostatic and bactericidal action, against numerous microbial strains (some staphylococcus, salmonella and Escherichia coli B).
Proven antifungal properties on certain fungi causing parasitic infections.
Very strong anaesthetic effect, stronger than cocaine, of which it doesn't have the inconvenient side effects.
Significant healing properties by stimulating tissue regeneration.
Antioxidant action.
Significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Guaranteed origin: the propolis used comes only from France, which guarantees its quality and perfect traceability.
Entirely natural food product.
No synthetic preservatives, colouring agents or additives.

Propolis extract*;

Essential oils of:
Ravensara aromatica*, known for its antiviral, purifying and expectorant properties.
Eucalyptus radiata*, known for its purifying properties. Has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.
Scots pine*, has a purifying and refreshing action.
Rosemary*, stimulating action, disinfecting properties.
Peppermint*, known for its refreshing and antiseptic properties.
(*)Ingredients from organic farming

Several times a day, apply the stick in one nostril while blocking the other, then breathe in deeply.

Do not use on infants.
Use with caution on children under 7 years old.
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to camphor.

Certified by ECOCERT