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Ladrome REMEDY No.28 Walnut no.33 10ml

Ladrome REMEDY No.28 Walnut no.33 10ml

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Size 10 ml
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ELIXIR 28 Walnut, to protect one from the influence of others or of the events. Important in times of changes, transition; helps cut off the ties.

Walnut provides good support to help the individual go through with his/her decisions without being influenced. The people with Walnut tendency are often stressed out and fragile. It is also most often a temporary condition, just at the moment when they break away from the previous situation.

Brand : La Drome Provençale

Composition :
Made from aqueous infusion of Juglans regia.
Organic Ecocert certification AB label

Walnut can help: people who have difficulty going through great changes in their life because they are often held back by the past; people who are easily influenced by others or by any other exterior circumstance when they have a decisive choice to make; people with poor self-confidence; in case of general changes in life (new life as a couple, new job, changing houses or flats, retiring...); in case of physiological changes (pregnancy, puberty, menopause...).
In chronic situations, use the elixir 4 times a day at regular interval.
For regular use, deposit 4 drops of the remedy under the tongue (make sure your tongue doesn't touch the dropper). You can also dilute 4 drops in water. We recommend not using more than 5 remedies simultaneously.