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Ladrome REMEDY No.10 Chicory no.8 10ml

Ladrome REMEDY No.10 Chicory no.8 10ml

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Size 10 ml
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Ref LAD037670
ELIXIR 10 Chicory for the possessive, self-centered person that can behave like a martyr.

Chicory helps express sincere and selfless love. The Chicory character is often found in overly possessive mothers that interfere too inquisitively in the life of their children. It is generally characterised by the need to attract attention (especially for children).

Brand : La Drome Provençale

Composition :
Made from aqueous infusion of Cichorium Intybus.
Organic Ecocert certification AB label

Chicory is mostly for: nosy people who can't refrain from giving their opinion about everything; people who give to receive, who feel an excessive need for recognition.
In chronic situations, use the elixir 4 times a day at regular interval.
For regular use, deposit 4 drops of the remedy under the tongue (make sure your tongue doesn't touch the dropper). You can also dilute 4 drops in water. We recommend not using more than 5 remedies silmultaneously.