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Ladrome Organic German Chamomile

Ladrome Organic German Chamomile

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Size 50 ml
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To prevent digestive problems.
During the blooming season it is easy to recognize German Chamomile with its daisy shaped flowers with white petals around a yellow conical heart.
Aids digestion, promotes calmness.
Organic Scentless Chamomile 50 ml
Brand: Ladrome

Usage tips:
The recommended dosage is 3 times daily, 20-25 drops in a little water, fruit juice, herbal tea or tea.

After harvesting, organic fresh plants are immediately processed and macerated. Finely ground, they macerate for about three weeks in organic alcohol. This process extracts the maximum of active ingredients soluble in alcohol and water. Alcohol also serves as a food preservative.
The maceration is pressed, decanted and then filtered to obtain the plant extract.

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