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Keptin jr Bondifly Pink 20cm

Keptin jr Bondifly Pink 20cm

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Brand : Keptin Jr "Bondifly"

Grasping antennae. Premature babies little hands are always seeking something solid to hold and they often grab the probe or oxygen tube. This can cause them a lot of pain due to the plaster that is attached to the tube or probe. If Bondifly is placed permanently near the probe, the baby can explore without any pain and the probe will stay in place. Scent cloth Bonding with their mother and father stimulates brain development in babies. Bondifly strengthens this bond with the parents. A removable wing introduces the scent of the parents into the incubator. This wing can be worn by the mother in her bra or by the father underneath his shirt. Thus, the soft fabric will absorb their scent. Bondifly is delivered with an extra wing. One wing to wear and one wing to leave with the baby. Blanket and filling Premature babies often feel the most comfortable when they are tucked in. The body and wings of Bondifly are like a blanket for the baby. A premature baby wants to feel a blanket all around its body. When the baby is lying inside an incubator nest, there is often an empty space between the babys tummy and the nest, the head of Bondifly will fill up this empty space.

Velvet: 100% organic cotton.

Stuffing : Polyester.

Size: around 20cm.

Machine wash 60°C (140°F)

Made in Holland.

100% cotton proceeding from organic farming, certified "organic cotton" by Skal.