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Henne De Shiraz Vegetal Hair Color Mahogany pot 150g

Henne De Shiraz Vegetal Hair Color Mahogany pot 150g

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Size 150 gr
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Henne de Shiraz hair colors are 100% vegetal based hair colors, that sheathe the hair and protect it. Using it, your hair will be more brighten and have more volume. Their coloring effect, obtained only thanks to the plants powder, remain on the external size of the hair fiber. This powder will strenghten and cover the white hair from the first application on, with different tons depending on the original color of your hair.

Shades available: Mahogany, Auburn, Golden Blond, Blond, Light brown, Chestnut brown, Black, Plum, Intense Red, Neutral

Composition: no preservatives, no perfume, no oxydating agent, no chemical products.

Ingredients / Inci: Lawsonia alba powder, Haematoxylon campechianum powder, Isatis tinctoria leaf powder, Juglans regialeaf*.
* ingredient from organic farming.

Tips: in a ceramic pot, bake a fluid and homogen dough with hot and deionized water. Apply it carefully on wet hair, cover the hair with a silver foil and leave it for 90 minutes. (you can reheat the hair in the meantime). Rinse, apply a neutral shampoo and rinse once more.
To be applied on white or silver hair. One can obtain an immediate covering effect by extending the application time to 2 hours maximum.
Do not apply :
- before or after a perm
- before or after a hair straightening,
- on residues of chemical treatment.

certified by the ICEA (Italian Institute of Ethical and Environnemental Certification).