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Eco Cosmetics Black Cumin mouthwash 50ml

Eco Cosmetics Black Cumin mouthwash 50ml

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Size 50 ml
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Ref ECO132022
With black cumin - Freshness without peppermint

Black cumin seeds have been used in the Orient since ancient times as a spice and to strenghten the immune system.
The valuable essential oil mixture they contain is ideally suitable for oral hygiene. Oral flora remains healthy and protected.
Extracts of sage and carvon provide pleasant and fresh breath without impairing the sense of taste and help prevent bleeding of gums.
Recommended for sufferers of peridontosis and gum complaints.
Suitable for use during homeopathic treatment.
*organically grown

Carbon neutral produced
All Ingredients of natural origin
Free from synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives
No fluorides
No added sweeteners
No PEG, SLS & parabens
No nanotechnology
GMO free
No petroleum, paraffine and silicone derivatives
Not tested on animals (according to the law)
Blends of natural essential oils activate the senses

INCI: Alcohol, Aqua, Nigella Sativa Extract*, Sorbitol, Salvia Officinalis Extract*, Echinacea Purpurrea Extract*, Carvone, Glycerin, Xylitol.

Directions: Add 3-7 drops to a glass of water or oral irrigator, rinse mouth and gargle