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Dr.Theiss Organic Manuka Honey TPA 16+ 500g

Dr.Theiss Organic Manuka Honey TPA 16+ 500g

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The only certified organic Manuka honey on the market!

Organic Manuka honey naturally has effective antibacterial activity, without added chemical products, without manipulations or pasteurisation.

Why does Manuka honey have such a reputation?
Simply because it is a real treasure offered to us by nature!

Used in traditional Maori medicine for centuries, Manuka now offers us its antibacterial propoerties in a unique honey.

Centuries ago, in New Zealand, the Manuka plant used, and which has given this honey its unique reputation, was definitely of organic quality!

And why was it so effective?
Because all its properties were preserved!

Pollution did not exist, and the productions methods did not allow pasteurisation... And this is where the honey's efficiency comes from!
With their experiments, the Maoris were the first to grow and use this plant, making it a basic ingredient in their traditional medicine!

Because they used an organic, pure plant, not chemically treated or genetically modified! At that time, bees were certainly not fed refined white sugar from Indonesia!

Certified organic Manuka honey is NON-PEROXIDIC and PEROXIDIC.

This is what is caled TOTAL PEROXIDIC ACTIVITY (or TPA)

TPA is now becoming a standard in New Zealand, including the non-peroxidic solution with the peroxidic solution. It is therefore a legal indicator, and not a registered trademark!

What makes the richness of a honey?
Its content in Pollen!
Contrary to other Manuka honeys, we clearly state the purity and Manuka pollen concentration in our honey.
Our analysis reveal a pollen content of 86 to 96.5%, which is decisive in TPA, making it an indicator of the quality of the honey. The higher this indicator, the more antibacterial and antiseptic qualities the honey will have.
Pollen contents of 86 to 96.5% have never been equalled before!

Most Manuka honeys on the market have a pollen content between 16 and 50%.

• Naturally present, high and measured antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
• Contains no traces of chemicals or pesticides, and has not been manipulated to artificially increase its properties.
• Real Manuka honey, with the highest pollen content in the world (86 to 96.5%).
• Not heated, nor pasteurised, nor irradited.
• Enzymes preserved.
• Measured antioxidant activity.
• Alkaline pH once ingested in the body.

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