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Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask 30ml intensive care

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask 30ml intensive care

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Size 30 ml
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Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask

Sensitive skin is characterized by extremely delicate and often transparent skin that is prone to almost permanent discomfort. Sensitive skin has a deficiency in the protective barrier. This barrier normally acts to protect the skin from external aggressions. In case of sensitive skin, the protective barrier is impaired which facilitates the penetration of irritants. Sensitive skin is revealed by tingling, tightness, flushing, feelings of discomfort ... Its hyper responsiveness to surrounding elements often makes it difficult to control.
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask is precisely designed for sensitive skin. It provides intensive care for sensitive skin a moment of relaxation and healing. Sensitive skin is delicate, and Dr Hauschka soothing mask reinforces its natural functions to help the skin fight any imperfections and to be stronger against the aggressions.
Dr Hauschka soothing mask helps sensitive skin regain its natural balance: redness, inflammation, discomfort diminish greatly. The skin is soothed and calmed down and it regains its freshness, vitality and radiance.
A true soothing and calming treatment, Dr. Hauschka soothing mask offers skin a gentle break and freshness from the inconvenience caused by the ultra-responsiveness of its epidermis.

Medicinal plants and vegetable oils contained in this treatment promise a beautiful efficiency and absolute respect for the skin.
Lady’s mantle: astringent, healing and antioxidant functions
Buckwheat: antioxidant
Mullein: anti-inflammatory, softening and soothing
Shea butter: protects the epidermis and hydrates in depth which helps the skin to regain its elasticity. Its vitamins with their essential fatty acids make it a must for cosmetics
Macadamia nuts: rich in oleic fatty acids and vitamins, it soothes and claims the skin prone to redness and discomfort
Coconut: antioxidant, nourishing, emollient coconut soothes and refreshes
Water Witch Hazel: anti-inflammatory, astringent, soothing and healing
Seed quince: astringent, soothing and moisturizing

Tips for using soothing Dr Hauschka: Apply a nice amount of product on the face / neck /neckline. After 20 minutes remove the product with a warm, wet towel.
For better efficacy, consider applying to cleansed and toned skin.

Ingredients: Water, witch hazel extract, quince seed, coconut oil, shea butter, alcohol, glycerin (vegetable), macadamia oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, bee, extract it from kidney vetch and chamomile - peanut oil - fatty alcohols - jojoba oil - bentonite (volcanic clay) - apricot kernel oil - extracts of lady's mantle, borage, buckwheat and mullein - essential oils - xanthan gum (natural mucilaginous substance.) - lecithin (vegetable)

Certified BDIH