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Biofloral Swedish Elixir 17° 375ml

Biofloral Swedish Elixir 17° 375ml

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Size 375 ml
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The Swedish Elixir is a maceration of organic plants and bitter roots in alcohol. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and eases digestion and passage.

Scent: camphor-like aromatic wine

• depurative
• tonic
• digestive

The first organic Swedish Elixir. Since the Middle Ages, the Swedish Elixir has been used to stimulate digestive functions, favour elimination of toxins and fight against generalized fatigue. It supports the body's natural defenses and contributes to your well-being. To deeply balance your body, a 28 day cure is recommended (one full lunar cycle), several times in the year.

For a complete treatment course, 2 bottles are necessary (1 tsp once or twice a day before meals).

• digestion
• eliminating toxins
• general fatigue or exhaustion
• contains natural camphor, therefore not recommended for children under 7, people sensitive to camphor or suffering from known heart problems.

Wine from organic grapes
Organic honey
Organic alcohol
Macerated plant blend
Treacle made with 51 plants*

375ml tinted bottle, with cork and metal cap + cardboard and instructions sheet

Certified by Ecocert