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Biofloral Remedy No.37 Wild Rose 20ml

Biofloral Remedy No.37 Wild Rose 20ml

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Until 30/06/2022
Size 20 ml
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• Mood: lack of interest in the present
• Flower number : 37
• English name : Wild Rose
• Emotions/unbalance: resignation, lives without pleasure
• Positive change: to regain enthusiasm about life

20ml dropper bottle in a case, 100% organic ingredients, AB organic, Ecocert-control

Biofloral's organic quality:
Dr Bach devoted the last 10 years of his life to the study and recognition of the 38 Flower Elixirs, as well as their manufacturing process. In nature, he recognised flowers that respond positively to difficult emotions.

The Flower Elixirs are developed in the Auvergne mountains, strictly following Dr Bach's original method.

The wild flowers are picked in the morning when the sun rises, the time when their potential reaches its maximum. Under the action of the sun rays and water, the flower releases its properties into the water. To preserve all of the flower's virtues, the floral macerate is added with organic Demeter cognac. Before each conditioning, the Flower Elixir is dynamised again in rising sun rays to ensure a good dynamic and energetic action, and maximum efficiency.
Biofloral's Flower Elixirs act deeply with their subtle nature, and help harmonise the mental and energetic balance, to overcome discouragement, sadness, stress and lack of self-confidence, and restore a new emotional balance.
All Biofloral Flower Elixirs are certified organic and have received the label AB.

Dr Bach's "medicine of the soul":
Doctor Edward BACH (1886-1936): British doctor, bacteriologist and immunologist from the early 20th century.
"As long as the soul, the body and mind are in harmony, nothing can affect us." Dr Edward Bach
"It is the patient that must be treated, not the disease." Dr Edward Bach

To help you find the Elixir your need, Dr Bach has classified emotional states in 7 major families, containing precise feelings to which the 38 Elixirs are adapted.
Choose one or several Flower Elixirs depending on your emotional state, put 3 or 4 drops in a glass of water or directly inside the mouth, 4 times a day, before meals and at night before going to bed. You may use it punctually, for several weeks or several months if necessary. In times of crisis, take every 15 minutes.