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Biofloral Organic 4 Thieves Vinegar elixir 375ml

Biofloral Organic 4 Thieves Vinegar elixir 375ml

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Natural stimulant of the immune system

The ancestral 4 Thieves Vinegar is a subtle and synergistic alliance of 14 organic active principles renowned for their antiseptic, stimulating and toning properties. It helps reinforce the immune system, internally as well as externally. Its rich composition in plants also makes it a good natural alternative for body care. It can be used as a tonic in times of weakness or fatigue.

First mentioned in Toulouse during an epidemic of plague between 1628 and 1631.
"Four thieves" were arrested while robbing the plague-striken. They revealed their secret against the promise to have their lives spared. After this, they were hanged anyway! In 1720, the Great Plague affected the city of Marseilles and other thieves used the same technique: they rubbed the exposed areas of their skin (hands, face) with this mixture before robbing the plague-stricken. They also revealed their secret to the juges and this time their lives were spared. As proof of its efficacy, the four thieves' vinegar was recognised in pharmacology and inscribed in the codex as early as 1748. This medicinal vinegar was long sold in pharmacies as a natural antiseptic. It is still used when there is a risk of contamination.

Ideal as a natural stimulant in case of weakness or fatigue, it is renowned for its depurative, detoxifying and stimulating properties.
As a gargle, it is used to relieve throat aches, and when its vapor is inhaled, it clears the airways.
Rubbed onto the body or applied as a compress, it disinfects and reduces pains. It reduces itching, skin dryness, and relieves insect bites.
It is also used to soften bath water, purify the scalp and make the hair shine.
It is also an excellent to disinfect and purify the house or material.

Cider vinegar*
Nettle-silica aqueous extract*
Allium sativum : garlic*
Cinnamomum zeylanicum : cinnamon*
Eugenia caryophyllus : clove*
Mentha x piperita : mint*
Thymus vulgaris : thyme*
Salvia sclarea : clary sage*
Lavandula angustifolia : lavender*
Rosmarinus officinalis : rosemary*
Ruta graveolens : common rue*
Artemisia absinthium : wormwood*
Natural camphor
*Ingredients from organic farming

External use, as a lotion or compress, or consumed diluted with water.
Caution: contains natural camphor, which is not recommended for children under 7, people sensitive to camphor or with known heart disease.

Certified by Ecocert