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Biofloral Nettle-Silica oral solution 1L

Biofloral Nettle-Silica oral solution 1L

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Nettle-Silica, the first highly bioavailable natural silica, certified AB organic by Ecocert

1st highly bioavailable natural silica:
Found everywhere in our body, silica is a major component of all support tissues. It's presence contributes to calcium fixation and joint flexibility. It also helps regenerate the skin, nails and hair. The human body contains an average of 5 to 7g silicon, which reduces with ageing. As silicon cannot be stocked, the body requires a daily supply. The daily needs for this dietary mineral, recognised as essential, increase with ageing: a regular intake helps slow down the effects of ageing, to preserve our youth and well-being.
BIOFLORAL now produces its own natural silica: the Ecocert-certified Nettle-Silica. This innovation is made without synthetic silica molecules, without parabens or chemical preservatives, and has no side effects. It also doesn't have the disadvantages of mineral silica, which irritates the kidneys.
Our Nettle-Silica answers the most demanding therapeutic needs.

Brand : Biofloral

Ingredients :
Urtica dioica (nettle)* aqueous extract (known for centuries for its high content in minerals, silicium, calcium...), cider vinegar*, grapefruit seed extract*, citric acid, organic essential oils: lemon*, orange*, mandarin*, thyme, clove*, oregano*.
*Organically-grown plant extracts

Indications of silica:
A major element in all of the body's support structures, a cure helps cope with deficiencies.

Favours the mineralising and softening process.

An excellent antioxidant, works against the ageing of tissue, arteries and joints. It is a real anti-ageing agent.

Helps transport other molecules used in therapy and increases their efficiency.

Increases the resistance of human cells and allows a better management of exchanges in the cell metabolism.

1 capful 2 to 3 times a day, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach, for 28 days or more. As a cure several times a year, as a preventive or curative treatment.

1 cure=1 litre

Historical reminder: Around 1975, Loïc Ribault discovered natural organic silicium in sand grains, rich in mineral silica, which are then transformed into organic silica by diatoms. In collaboration with therapists, he used it until 1982, when he met M. Duffaut, an organic chemist. They worked together on developing a new synthetic organic silicium chemical molecule, the Monomethyl Silane Triol, manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry, which is used nowadays in most organic silicas.
Now, after several years of research, Biofloral manufactures its own natural silica: Nettle-Silica, certified by Ecocert. By strictly following this authentic natural process, and then adding nettle extract, natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract, and essential oils, the Nettle-Silica contains no synthetic silica chemical molecules, no parabens, no unnatural preservatives, and has no side effects. It also doesn't have the inconvenients of mineral silicium, which irritates the kidneys. Our Nettle-Silica is highly bioavailable and answers the most demanding therapeutic needs.

In a test comparing 7 different silicas, Pratiques de Santé has chosen Nettle-Silica as the best paraben-free silica.

Certified AB
Certified par Ecocert