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Bio Ethic 6 organic beeswax ear candles case

Bio Ethic 6 organic beeswax ear candles case

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6 organic candles, 1 disc, 1 instructions guide

Our hollow candles are made from organic ingredients: organic cotton canvas, pure organic beeswax, organic essential oils (true lavender...)
Safety filter.

The ear candle is used for ear hygiene, and also as a relaxation product, the ear being one of the essential points in acupuncture.

Easy to use, for a natural and painless ear hygiene.
Provides immediate well-being and gentle relaxation thanks to the essential oils.
The heat produced by the flame softens impurities, which are naturally sucked out of the ear.

The ear candles, or "auricular candles", or "hollow candles" follow an ancient natural technique for ear hygiene. It is said that this technique comes from the Hopi indians in Arizona, but it can also be found in Asia. It seems that even in the French countryside, in ancient times, a similar method was used, with hollow candles probably made from different materials (jute or linseed canvas, plant leaves...).
Even though it has not been proven that the Hopi indians really created the technique, they had such extended knowledge of natural hygiene practices, and such skill to pass on their knowledge, that the original use of these candles is often attributed to them.

The hollow candles have a real cleansing power for the ear canal, and create a real feeling of relaxation.
When using the candle, the heat produced by the flame creates a depression in the ear canal, which soften impurities, which are naturally vacuumed into the candle's tube. In addition, the heat combined with the essential oils brings a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
Of course, only a regular use, in the conditions we prescribe, will provide a real comfort.
Using hollow candles is harmless, as long as you follow the provided instructions for use.

To use our ear-candles at best, please respect these instructions:
It is recommended for 2 people to take part in a ear-candle application session.
Prepare a glass of water, and leave it nearby to put out the candle at the end of the session.
Place your head horizontally, on a cushion, as shown on the picture in the instructions.
Your partner must slip a disc onto a candle, light the candle on the side that doesn't have an aluminium ring, then place the other side inside your ear, slightly tilted, and keep it in this position.
The candle must be slightly inserted into the ear, as to create airtightness with the ear canal.
Never push or try to force the candle in.
The candle must be maintained in its position until only 5 to 7 cm are left, then it must be removed and put out. (The aluminium ring inside the candle is a safety device so that the candle turns off at a proper length).

Frequency of use:
First uses: in order to prepare the ear and cleanse effectively, it is recommended, if you have never used this method, to hold several sessions close together: 1 candle/ear every 3 days for 2 weeks. Then 1 candle/ear every 2 to 3 weeks.
Regular use:
Adults: 1 candle/ear every 2 to 3 weeks.
Children: 1/2 candle/ear every 2 to 3 weeks.
There are no contraindications as to modifying the recommended frequency of use, each person may use our candles according to their needs.
However, it is necessary to respect our instructions for use. This product is not medicine. It must be used only for external use. Le Monde du Bio declines any responsibility in case of a wrong use of its products.

Our candles must be stored in a cool dry place.
When you receive your parcel, if some candles are unusually twisted due to bad transport conditions, it is recommended to keep them for a few hours at room temperature, then straighten them, and store them for a few hours in the refrigerator's vegetable drawer.