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Belle et Bio Lithothamne 200 capsules

Belle et Bio Lithothamne 200 capsules

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The Lithothamne 200 capsules Belle et Bio is a rich calcareous algae with minerals and trace elements, which enables calcium intake. This is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones. In addition, it allows the maintenance of normal teeth.

Rich in trace elements, the Lithothamne is a small marine algae rich in limestone minerals and calcium. The Lithothamne is harvested off the Brittany Glénan Islands.
Lithothamne will participate in the maintenance of bone mass and strengthen bones.
This seaweed captures minerals, iron, trace elements (iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt ...) with its fronds contained in seawater in the ionized form facilitating their assimilation.
Lithothamne is exceptionally rich in calcium carbonate and helps the body to basify against acid attacks.

Lithothamne flour (450 mg) including:
- calcium (112 mg) or 84% of the RDA for 6 capsules
Gelatin shell for natural chlorophyll
Vegetable magnesium stearate
6 capsules provide about 672 mg of calcium or 84% RDA
6 capsules provide about 5 mcg of Vitamin D or 100% RDA

Recommended use of lithothamme: Take 4-6 capsules daily, to swallow with a large glass of water.
This is a natural product because Lithothamne is a type of marine seaweed. Not labelled.