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Ballot Flurin Forest Honey 125g

Ballot Flurin Forest Honey 125g

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Size 125 gr
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Ref BAL582347
Strong - Woody flavour
Fortifying for the respiratory tract

A wild polyfloral honey made of a subtle blend of nectars and honeys from various tree essences (black oak, holm oak, sweet chestnut, thorns, ivy...). Harvested in august by a gentle beekeeper.

Brand : Ballot Flurin

• Health benefits: naturally rich in fructose, it is the honey most suited to people who want to reduce their sugar consumption, and to sweeten children's food.
Can be used during a diet. Slightly laxative, it regulates the intestins in case of slow transit. It also eases digestion and assimilation of milk.

Rare and solidary
-Produced and harvested in small amounts, like in ancient times.
-Local and solidary trading with small, independent beekeepers.
-French and euro-regional area of harvest

Healthy and good for the bees
-Gentle harvesting method that doesn't stress the bees.
-No chemical repellents used.
-Bees treated with plants or homeopathy, not antibiotics.

Ennobled by man
-Harvested when mature (no dehumidification), respecting the fundamental cosmic rythms of nature.
-Manual uncapping with a knife.
-Non-pasteurised, not heated to more than 35°(natural temperature of the hive)
-Potted by hand in the honey farm.
-Dynamised honey: long macerations and manual churning to subtly reinforce its original properties.

•How to recognise a natural honey? Honey is always liquid when harvested. It naturally critallises after some time, if not heated. White streaks may appear on the surface (especially in winter): this visual sign shows that your honey is really pure and authentic.