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AlloNature Potassium Alum polished stone deodorant 150ml

AlloNature Potassium Alum polished stone deodorant 150ml

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Size 150 gr
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Origin of alum:
The word "alum" comes from the Latin "alumen," meaning "bitter." The properties of potassium alum have been known for several thousand years, and the name can be quoted in Egyptian papyri.

Over the centuries, it was used in different ways: wine growing, textile industry, clarification of liquids, cosmetics. Alum is naturally produced in many places by the reaction of sulphurous, aluminous and alkaline substances. It can be found easily in the Egyptian deserts and in a few areas of Bohemia and Saxony. It can also be formed through coal burning, and therefore can be found near volcanoes.

This naturally occurring mineral, the aluminium alum stone, contains many properties.

* Astringent:
The astringent action tightens skin pores:
- For shaving, it helps calm razor burn and reduces infections
- For deodorants products, the astringent action helps to regulate perspiration without blocking it.

* Anti-bacterial:
The application of the wet stone on the skin will set an antibacterial film.
- After shaving this film will helps avoid the appearance of spots due to infections at the base of the hair.
- In the composition of deodorants, it prevents the emergence of bacteria responsible for odours.

* Haemostatic:
- During shaving, the haemostatic properties limit the bleeding in case of cuts, and accelerate blood clotting.
- In case of insect bites, it prevents itching.

* Moisturising:
Alun stone contains approximately 40% water, which moisturises the skin.

Ingredients :
100% Potassium alum
Natural product
Formula registered with 3 poison control centers (Paris, Lyon, Marseilles)

Use : Just wet the stone with warm water before rolling it onto the parts of the body you want to treat.
(armpits, feet, hands) External Use.