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Alepia Alepia Shampoo with Beloun Clay 250ml

Alepia Alepia Shampoo with Beloun Clay 250ml

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Until 31/12/2018
Size 250 ml
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Ref ALE110121
Fragrance-free, colouring-free, paraben-free, preservative-free, not tested on animals. This soap is unique and better than the industrial shampoo, even organic, compare the ingredients. This is thanks to a slow saponification, and very respectful of oils that we got this remarkable Aleppo shampoo for your hair.

If you have a lime water: Our shampoos don't have EDTA, or chemical softener, in order to protect your health and the environment. It is better if you use this shampoo with a low mineral water. If you have a lime water, it is highly recommended to buy this very economical and ecological limescale device

Fresh water with our shampoos give strong and light hair.

Ingredients INCI: Aqua, potassium olivate (organic olive oil), potassium laurate (oil of organic laurel), glycerin (from saponification), illite extract, potassium hydroxide.

Tips: This shampoo is a real tonic for hair care. For more beautiful hair, you can use the conditioner Alepia.

100% natural, not organic certified
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