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Sanoflore Organic Rose floral water 200ml

Sanoflore Organic Rose floral water 200ml

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Size 200 ml
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Ref SAN401298
Genuine Organic Ancient Rose Floral Water

With a purifying and soothing effect, Sanoflore Organic Rose Floral Water is traditionally used to maintain a bright and clear complexion.

Its fresh and delicate fragrance is an absolute pleasure, to renew frequently all through the day.

Sanoflore floral waters are not just scented waters like many floral waters on the market. They are real floral waters, obtained by using the spring water passed several times through selected plants. This way, they pick up hydrosoluble substances with the following ratio: 1L of water for 1kg of plants.

Brand : Sanoflore

Characteristics :
No silicones
No mineral oils derived from the petrochemical industry
No colouring agents or synthetic fragrances
No chemical preservatives unauthorised by the Ecocert guidelines
No raw materials from animal origin
Finished product not tested on animals
Clinical tests prove its innocuousness for the skin
200ml spray bottle

To freshen up at any moment of the day, spray some floral mist onto your face. Very much used by travellers looking for an energizing feeling.

Sanoflore Organic Rose Floral Water 200 ml
Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT
Certified Cosmébio