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NaturAloe Aloe Vera gel 50ml

NaturAloe Aloe Vera gel 50ml

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Size 50 ml
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Use this gel for all daily incidents.
For all the family, in case of : slight burns, sunburns, small shocks, insect bites, minor skin problems.

It doesn't stick and penetrates quickly.

Quick cell regeneration and healing.
Decongests in case of shocks and reducesswelling due to sprains.
Hydration, suppleness and softness.

Brand : NaturAloe

Pure fresh aloe vera* juice (in its original state)
Orange blossom floral water*: anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating, antiradical, it improves bloodstream.
Chamomile floral water*: anti-allergenic, decongesting, soothing, rebalancing.
Witch hazel floral water: astringent, toning, venotonic, vasoconstrictor, antioxidant, increases resistance and reduces permeability of the capillaries (rosacea), healing, antibacterial.
Yucca extract: purifying, moisturising.
(*Ingredients from organic farming)

No ethoxylated products, glycols (PEG, sodium laureth sulfate) or parabens are used in the making of this cream.
Finished product not tested on animals
50ml bottle

Apply as a thick layer on the wounded area, renew regularly.
For skin problems, after the wounds disappear, continue the treatment for 28 days.
Once a week as a moisturising mask, for 15 to 20 minutes.
NATURALOE's aloe vera gel has all the properties of pure juice, combined with the effects of chamomile, orange blossom and witch hazel.

Properties of Aloe Vera:
Helps stimulate cell regeneration, optimises tissue restoration and healing.
Antimicrobial, cleans small wounds and skin problems.
Decongests in case of minor bruises.
Relieves pain in case of shocks, irritation.
Fights against ageing.
Soothes light burns, insect bites and small wounds
Favours warming up for sportspeople

Recent studies carried out by the chair of Pharmacology of the University of Alcala de Henares confirm:
-its powerful moisturising power: its richness in polysaccharides allows the other components to penetrate deeper and forms a barrier to retain water;
-it speeds up cell regeneration: aloe has the power to increase by 6 or 8 times the reproduction of fibroblast cells (making of collagen);
-its emollient power: the proteolyptic enzymes eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell division (immediate softness);
-its astringent properties: thanks to the phenolic components of the tannins contained in the plant (tensor effect).

The same studies prove the action of aloe vera juice in preventing skin ageing.

Organic cosmetic certified by SOHICERT ECOCERT