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Ladrome Echinacea Propolis Acerola 40 Tablets

Ladrome Echinacea Propolis Acerola 40 Tablets

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Tablets with dry extracts of acerola, propolis and echinacea.
Brand: Ladrôme
Propolis Range
PROPOLIS represents a series of resinous substances, gummy and balsamic, with viscous consistency, collected by bees from certain parts (mainly bark and buds) of trees (mainly birch, poplar, willow and various conifers).
The bees bring propolis to the hive and then change it in part by the contribution of some of their own secretions (wax and salivary secretions essentially).
This is a SYNERGY of numerous flavonoids and iuml, each with therapeutic properties which gives it effectiveness against health impairment.
Due to its components, propolis has numerous properties that may vary depending on its origin.

Its properties:
Bacteriostatic and bactericidal important and spread to many microbial strains (some staph and salmonella, Escherichia coli B ...)
Proven anti-fungal properties on some fungi which cause parasitic diseases.
Anesthetic effects are very powerful with no side effect
Significant healing properties by stimulation of tissue regeneration
Significant anti-inflammatory properties

Characteristics :
Guaranteed origin: Propolis is exclusively of French origin, which guarantees its quality and total traceability.
All-natural dietary supplement.
40 tablets
No preservatives, no dyes or synthetic additives.

Sugar cane *, maltodextrin *, propolis powder *, acerola * (Malpighia punicifolia), natural hydrated magnesium silicate (anti-caking agent), * Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea), natural berries flavour
* From organic farming

Usage tips:
Chew 2 tablets daily, preferably in the morning.

Organic product (AB), certified by ECOCERT