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Ladrome Bach Flower Relief 39 Spray (Recue 39) Ladrôme

Ladrome Bach Flower Relief 39 Spray (Recue 39) Ladrôme

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Size 20 ml
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Bach Flower Relief 39 Spray (Recue 39) Ladrôme
The relief elixir 20ml
Spray, consisting of five different floral elixirs, is designed to overcome states of emergency.
Therefore, appropriate to always keep within reach as it can help with relief during sudden exceptional circumstances.
English Name: Relief Remedy 39
Bach Flower Relief 39 Spray (Recue 39) 20 ml
Brand: Ladrôme

The relief Elixir is composed of:
- Eleven-o’clock lady that helps to overcome trauma.
- Rock Rose to fight against panic.
- Impatient decreasing the nervous tension.
- Prunus to regain spirit tranquillity.
- Clematis to prevent a loss of consciousness.

Directions for use:
The rescue Elixir is especially useful:
- before facing a stressful event (exam, visit to the dentist, interview ...).
- for accidents, as a victim or witness.
- after suffering an emotional shock of bad news.
- following being afraid

Cognac *, aqueous infusion of Ornithogalum umbellatum * (Lady Of Bethlehem), Helianthemum nummularium * (Rock Rose), gladulifera Impatiens* (Impatiens), Prunus cerasifera * (Prunus), Clematis vitalba * (Clematis), dilution 1 / 240th
* Ingredients from Organic Agriculture

Characteristics: fabrication in compliance with the floral treatment of Dr Bach: principles, preparation, dilution to 1 / 240th, boosting maternal elixirs.
Floral elixirs of Provençale® Drôme are prepared by a bio dynamistic, according to the precepts of Dr. Bach (choice of plants, time of collection, infusion and boiling).
The maternal elixir obtained is then boosted in organic cognac.
Bach Flower Relief 39 Spray (Recue 39) Ladrôme