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Phyts Lipstick Mango Passion 4.1g

Phyts Lipstick Mango Passion 4.1g

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Until 28/12/2020
Size 4.1 gr
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Ref PHY262559
Action: A symbol of femininity at its peak, these lipsticks sublime elegance and envelope your mouth with comfort. Their tender and melting textures, enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E and nourishing active ingredients, give your lips genuine care. From natural to sophisticated, they come in a myriad of irresistible colours.

Application: Place the lipstick at the centre of your lips and spread it out to the outline.

Oil Sunflower* and Jojoba*: rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, they feed and act against dryness of the lips
Bee, Carnauba* and Candelilla wax: nourishing and antioxidant
Natural pigments of mineral origin: give colour and pearlescent sheen
Tocopherol plant: antioxidant vitamin E and anti-aging, to protect

Ingredients from natural Agriculture