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Natali Instant tomato soup 2x8.5g

Natali Instant tomato soup 2x8.5g

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Until 31/12/2020
Size 17 gr
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Ref NTL031302
Powder mix for instant tomato soup.
You can take with you The POTABIO very easily to have a hot drink at any moment. Without cooking, this soup is perfect for your holidays, your treks, your lunch break or simply at home. You can prepare two bowls of 200mL with the double bag.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetables* 65% (tomato* 37%, onion*, carrot*, potato*, CELERY*), precooked buckwheat flour*, Guérande salt, gelling agents: guar seed flour*, xanthan gum, precooked corn starch*, parsley*, garlic*, thyme*, basil*.
* Product from organic farming.

No GMO and no ionization treatment in accordance with the CE 834/2007 regulation related to production and labeling of organic products.
No palm oil.
Naturally high in fiber.

Ingredients to add: 200mL of boiling water
Time of preparation: 2 minutes
Instructions: Pour slowly the powder on 200ml of boiling water, while stirring. Stir vigorously the mixture. It’s ready!

AB certified