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Sanoflore Fresh Cloud roll-on deodorant 50ml

Sanoflore Fresh Cloud roll-on deodorant 50ml

Price 8,24 £
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Size 50 ml
Rating No rating
Ref SAN400574
24h no-compromise roll-on deodorant
24 hour efficacy
No aluminium salts
No parabens

Brand : Sanoflore

Our advanced research has selected an association of organic essential oils with exceptional antibacterial properties. Savory, clove and lemon catmint have a unique efficacy against the bacteria responsible for bad odours (C.Xerosis). Tested in vitro, after 2 hours, 100% of the bacteria are eliminated.

Our body is a complex association of fragile and delicate balances.
Sweat acts as a thermal regulator and elminates toxins. This mechanism must not be disturbed.
While common antipersiprants block the evacuation of sweat, the Fresh cloud deodorant doesn't modify the natural sweating process. It's secret against humidity: Perlite, a mineral from volcanic origin that functions like a sponge. Without blocking sweat, its keeps your underarms perfectly dry and soft throughout the day.

A gentle, fresh and light fragrance, reminding of cotton flower, that transforms your daily hygiene into a moment of relaxation.

Perlite leaves no marks on your clothing.

Certified by Ecocert
Cosmebio label