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Farfalla Discovery set Gemstone oils 7x10ml

Farfalla Discovery set Gemstone oils 7x10ml

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Size 70 ml
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Contains the following gemstone oils: Regeneration, Anti-Stress, Serenity, Fountain of Youth, Immersion in Well-Being, Joie de Vivre, Warmth and Security.

The gemstone oils are a combination of organic jojoba oil, gemstones and natural and organic essential oils.

Gemstones: epidote, blue agate, zoisite, ruby.
Essential oils: organic ravintsara, organic myrtle, organic litsea cubeba.

Anti Stress:
Gemstones: adventurine, magnesite, smokey quartz.
Essential oils: organic sweet orange, organic rosewood, organic lavender, organic ylang ylang.

Gemstones: blue quartz, dumortierite, magnesite.
Essential oils: organic lavender, organic-demeter neroli, organic rosewood, organic mandarin, organic chamomile.

Fountain of Youth:
Gemstones: green fluorite, chrysoprase, peridot.
Essential oils: organic-fairwild juniper, organic sweet fennel, organic lemon.

Immersion in Well-Being:
Gemstones: sodalite, blue chalcedony, yellow amber.
Essential oils: organic white fir, organic rosemary, organic palmarosa.

Joie de Vivre:
Gemstones: garnet, ruby, rose quartz.
Essential oils: rose, sandalwood, organic rose geranium, organic bergamot.

Warmth & Security:
Gemstones: agate, nephrite, serpentine.
Essential oils: organic vanilla, sandalwood, organic Thai benzoin.

Throughout the ages, each civilisation has recognised the harmonising and curative properties of gemstones. They can work to balance the negative energies, fear or exhaustion while increasing the feeling of beauty and wellness.
Each of us is instinctively attracted by the gemstone of which the beneficial effects are most suited to our personality. For example, Cleopatra's favorite gemstone was the peridot, known at the time for its protective effects against poison and skin ageing.
For the first time, we have reproduced the beneficial effects of gemstones in body oils: the balancing properties of gemstones are combined with the moisturising properties of jojoba oil (organic quality) that nourishes and regenerates the skin. The oils are delicately scented with the essential oils suited to the chosen themes.
Pamper your skin and senses. With Farfalla's unique gemstone oils, your inner harmony will enhances your beauty.

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